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Here are the links to music and musical topics on the site ranging from the universally sublime to the naieve to the unbelieveabley energizing. Music can communicate subtle thoughts and emotions not accessible through any other means of communion.

Creative Music and FREE JAZZ
GREAT MUSIC MOMENTS (and other audio)
(NEW - Aug 2008) Guru & Sound Shaman -
Bhapuji Tisziji - The REAL Guitar Hero!

Strange/amusing Internet Audio Discoveries of 2006

• Background Music Selections
Information Detector Theme 2meg mp3
Doopee Research Introduction 2meg mp3

• Amazing Sax Solos of Jazz Masters
• Amazing Guitar Solos of Rock & Jazz Masters

Strange Records saved from Entropy (thrift-store gems)
Strange Record Collection: Intro
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Page 5 . Page 6 .
Page 7 . Page 8 .
Page 9 (mp3s) .
Page 10 . Page 11

•LP cover Faves from the Web
•Links to Internet Radio

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