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miqel.com Aug. 2008 - REAL GUITAR HERO
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Tisziji Munoz, Guitar Guru - Listen on myspace
Sure, everyone plays the game "Guitar Hero" these days, but very few are aware that a genuine guitar hero of the highest magnitude is living on Earth presently. What would qualify one to be a GUITAR HERO? how about playing guitar with all of the previous members of John Coltrane's band (Pharoah sanders, MyCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, Rasheid Ali, Ravi Coltrane). Or being approached by the keepers of Jimi Hendrixes stratocaster offering to give you the 'hendrix guitar' as keeper of the burning flame?? Or playing across and beyond the stylistic realms of jazz, blues, avant-garde, classical, improv, experimental, heavy metal, new-age and rock as if they were one sonic space? Or doing all this despite painful nerve-damage in his left hand from a childhood injury? Tisziji Munoz appears to be one of the few musician/artist/mystics who reliably perceives & reflects the deepest known truths all of the time, and who transforms the wisdom in his Heart directly into fire-music. For those not aware of Tisziji, he is a Puerto Rican Guitarist from NYC who has attained a state of 'Radical Enlightenment', he functions as a Sound Shaman/healer and musical Zen Master.

First check out what Pharoah Sanders says ... then check out Tisziji's musical clarity & intensity

"I play by and from no established theory or known academic, mainstream or success formula or system. I play the truth of my human experience and Being. Therefore, I confess my ignorance as to the ordinary conventions and invented traditions of music and admit my disdain for the stupid sexist, racist and political games of musicians and their business lords. May all beings go beyond music and into the Spiritual Sound Current!"
quote from Tisziji Munoz © 1994
Tisziji, Pharoah Sanders & Ravi Coltrane
Pharoah Sanders speaks about Tisziji:
"“Tisziji Muñoz is a man of self-knowledge, and a very advanced musician. Tisziji is one of the spiritual players. He has that quality about him. He is the only one I know that plays like that. He is the only guitar player I really know that I can play with. To me, it’s like there are no other guitar players. He is the only one. I can’t play with anyone else like I play with Tisziji.
Tisziji can come into my band at any time and we can just play. We don’t have to think about it. He just knows what to play. And we’re just gonna do it. We’re just gonna play the music and it will be what it will be. You never know what he’s going to do next. He thinks and plays on a higher level. Tisziji plays with that spiritual quality that is about being Free. That is in his music. He has a lot of conviction in his music. He has that unique Sound. If you want to know about Tisziji, you have to listen to his music.
I can always talk to Tisziji and play with him like there is no time between us. He is a very unique person. He has helped me through a lot in a lot of different ways. For instance, when we played in Schenectady, I came in with a lot of physical pain, but Tisziji took away my pain. He made me feel good. I always feel good when I’m around Tisziji."

Pharoah Sanders - 1998

Tisziji Bhapuji Munoz - Guitar AvatarTisziji Munoz Myspace Profile
- ( Myspace page launched Mid-April 2007)
- With Full Length Songs For you to Grok,

"Does Spirit only work in the ways of a tradition? Is Spirit not Free to create a new one? The statement 'no enlightenment outside of the traditions' indicates that if you are going to Awaken, it is going to have to happen through transformational processing from some exclusive tradition or formerly established, antique system, institution or lineage. And it is a great statement indeed which has its appropriate impact on certain developed but unenlightened or unliberated beings. But not all Sat Gurus are born out of such traditions. Spirit truly works in Strange ways.
In fact, It works in Its Own Ways. And this fact of the process each and every being must be open to.
Traditions do not create Spirit. Spirit creates traditions.
Masters do not create Spirit. Spirit creates Masters.
The ultimate purpose of genuine spiritual traditions is to empower beings towards or
into Enlightened Beingness, not to make beings merely look or feel good."
From:Tisziji's Inner-Planetary Guide by Tisziji Munoz © 1990

I made a trip to Boston in 2004 for a concert & met Tisziji. He is the REAL DEAL!
- a kind soul, a wise teacher, a true friend and a blessed Spirit. I can confirm this from personal experience. He is always 100% present & on-topic, and the topic is love, awareness, compassion, fearlessness, healing & enlightenment. Not 'in theory' (as an abstract discussion), but 'in action' (as a living example of perfecting these qualities).

I recently created a Myspace page for Tiz to share his music and philosophy with a broader group of people.
He has lived away from any public recognition of his vast musical and literary achievements.
He prefers to live a life of quiet spiritual service to mankind through creating heart-spirit-music and asking students in (face-to-face sessions) the most serious questions possible about the function of deep music and the essential fact of who and what we are as human beings and Infinite Spirits. He always approaches these topics with an unmatched sense of humor, irony and insight.

Here's a few audio MP3 downlaods of Tisziji interviews ...

BBC-3 Radio Feature on Tisziji - Jan. 11, 2008
Download MP3: Tisziji on BBC

Interview with Tisziji on Harvard University Radio in 2003
Download MP3: Tisziji interview pt.1 - Tisziji interview pt.2

And if you are a MySpace user,
feel free to add the New
Tisziji Munoz Myspace Profile
with Full Length Songs and Dozens of Video Interview Segments recorded in 2007 - 2008
Question About Divination, Tarot, etc.
Enlightenment = Understanding Un-Enlightenment

There are so many amazing things on myspace & on the web in general, but there wasn't much online or even any discussions happening about Paul Laffoley or Tisziji Munoz
. So I feel it's the best service i can do, to help bring these truly amazing artist/philosophers to a broader audience. & it's working out good, maybe the time has come where Tisziji & Paul will get their visionary messages out to the public! I think the world will be a better place if that happens

New MP3 Download:
Tisziji As Guest Speaker To Students at the Boston Conservatory of Music 2004

(Invited by Bhapuji's student, master drummer and faculty member Bob Moses) Three 20 minute clips -
Tisziji at Boston Conservatory Part 1
Tisziji at Boston Conservatory Part 2
Tisziji at Boston Conservatory Part 3

Tisziji does not usually play with a 'formal' band, (the longest regular gig was playing with Pharoah Sanders group in the 1970s & 80's)
but he records with many of the most renowned Free-Jazz and Creative musicians of the last 30 years.

Saxophonists: Pharoah Sanders, Dave Liebman, Ravi Coltrane, Nick Brignola, Pat La Barbara, Jerry Bergonzi, Michael Stewart, Charles Lloyd, Dave Schnitter, Bill Drews, Carlos Garnet, Joe Henderson, Mario Rivera, George Garzone, Alvin Paul and Arthur Rhames.
Pianists/Keyboardists: John Hicks, McCoy Tyner, Hilton Ruiz, John Medeski, Marilyn Crispell, Bernie Senensky, Paul Shaffer, Danilo Perez, Don Thompson, John Medesky, Joe Bonner, Brad Hatfield, Terry Logan, Jon Weiss, Greg Murphy, Bob Murphy, John Esposito, Ted Moses and Michael Cochrane
Drummers: Rashied Ali, Bob Moses, Idris Muhammed, Elvin Jones, Lucas Ligetti, Claude Ranger, Adam Nussbaum, Franklin Kiermeyer, Freddie Waites, Clayton Johnson, Dave Calarco, Terry Clark, Jim Norman, Keith Blackley, Michael Carvin, Bob McLarin, Greg Pilo, Norman Connors, Lenny White, Greg Bandy, Michael Craydon, John Weir, Charles Moffit, Guillermo Cantu and Don Thompson and Toby Williams.
Bassists: Don Pate, Art Davis, Cecil McBee, Dennis Irwin, John Lockwood, Ratso Harris Mark Dresser, Alex Blake, Matthew Garrison, Don Thompson, Michel Donato, George Koller, Neil Swainson, Steve Neal, Steve Wallace, John Erlenson, John Burr, Dave Pilch, Stanley Clark, Chris Woods, Rick Homme, Reggie Workman, Buster Williams, Andy McKee, Andy Gonzales, Jack McFadden, Bruce Gertz, Phil Bowler, Jameel Nasser, Saheeb Sarbib, Ray Drummond, Fred Hopkins, Junie Booth, Andy McCloud and Stafford James. Percussionists: Jerry Gonzales, Guillerme Franco, and Lawrence Killien.
Trumpeters: Tom Harrell, Freddie Stone, Eddie Henderson, Woody Shaw, John Gardner, Hannibal, Bruce Cassidy and Michael Malone.
Guitarists: Sonny Greenwich, Lenny Breau and Henry Kaiser.Trombonist: Steve Turre. Flutist: Kathy Moses.

Tisziji at Niagra FallsTisziji's Expression of Life & Spirit from the 'Visiting This Planet' liner notes

"Spirit is my Life, Nature is my Body,
Consciousness is my Mind, Compassion is my Heart,
Knowledge is my Mother and Wife, Realization is my Father and Guru

the Human Race is my Family, the Earth is my Stepping-stone,
the Solar-system is my Neighborhood, the Universe is my Country,
Spiritual Law is my Constitution, the Open Sky is my True Home.

Transcendental Wisdom is my only real Friend,
Enlightmenment is my Day, Ignorance is my Night,
Disability is my Victory, Suffering is my Sacrifice,
Spiritual Genius is my Responsibility,
Detachment is my Discipline,
Continuity is my Ever-Deepening Joy.

Communion is my Power,
Creation is my Thought, Word and Action.
Experience is my Degree, Understanding is my Virtue,
Intuitive Illumination is my Success,
Selfless Being is my Peace,
Unconditional Love is my Pleasure.

Lightning is my Symbol, Truth is my Light, Silence is my Sound,
Enlightened Service is my Path, Death is my Liberation,
Pure Awareness is my Soul of itself.

the Sound Current is my Voice, Freedom is my Song,
Balancement is my Instrument,
Pure Music is my Religion,
Guidance is my Offering,
IS-ness is my Doctrine,
Desirelessness is my Fullness,
God is my Source
Tisziji is my name."

Tisziji Munoz, liner notes to "Visiting This Planet"

Enlightenment / Crazy Wisdom Master / Levels of Being

Guru of Light and Sound
Tisziji accepts no followers but welcomes the friendship
of those who appreciate his music and sacred effort.
He teaches that each must become masters of their own fate,
that each must awaken the Master within themselves.

Power To The People:

As a side effect of managing a popular site & being involved with
Tisziji Munoz & Paul Laffoley, etc.
I've met many, many new and amazing friends,
it's a great pleasure & honor to meet so many talented and forward moving people!
NAMASTE to all of you / we / it / am / is

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Music: The Universal Language > Master Musician and Yogi Tisziji Munoz, the REAL GUITAR HERO
“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” - Bucky Fuller

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