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The traffic to this site has been increasing for some time. Now it's to the point where I feel some
responsibility to make sure the content is more accurate and useful considering how wide the readership has grown.

Last night I did a google search to see who was linking to this site and how people were responding, here is what I found.

(plus a couple of nice emails)
- Thanks for visiting
(Update: NOW BANNED IN CHINA *AND* by the 'Church' Of Scientology, LOL )

"I was just looking at my stats and I saw a hit from your site and so I went there and looked around and, DAMN - that is one nice site!! ... You are my new ShorDurPerSav. Thanks for the Swingin' Love Corpses link, I added you site to my links page. Keep up the good work!!
Thanks, Philo U. Drummond,ø1° (OverMan First Degree) - http://www.quiveringbrain.com

Whoa - this cat was my guru as a youth and still is!
This site probably wouldnt exist without Philo Drummond's twisted transhumanist influence in my developmental years. Philo is the OverMan from the 'one TRUE religion' the Church of the Subgenius and does a great radio program on KPFA in Berkeley. ~miqel

In 2006 Miqel.com received the "Golden House Sparrow Award"
from the ultimate Transhumanist website
"Paradise Engineering: The Hedonistic Imperative" / BLTC Research

"Your pages are always so great!
When are you going to
write a book on the subjects that interest you most? Regards, Cliff"
-Clifford Pickover;
Science author, Math genius, researcher and all around cool guy!
He wrote the first book on fractals I got in the early 1990s. See http://www.pickover.com

Dream Chimney: Site of the Day for: july 2nd 2005 - File uder: Futuristic
•"Another page from miqel.com, the site with the 'Choppa Style' hair-do and peruvian psychedelic ufo paintings. it's endless!"

"Just to let you know, I *finally* added your link to my list of Hoagland debunking links. :-)
Phil Plait, the Astronomy Fact-Checker at -Bad Astronomy.com

"The Subgenius school of design: I was taking a look at Miqel.com and liked the dense design.
There’s a lot it reminds me of, and it’s well worth a look if you haven’t. It comes from the same design school as Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps and the Church of the Subgenius. These things seem to run together.
So what do you think? Should the next redesign of Manufactured Environments be inspired by Miqel.com?"
Posted by Daniel Stout on Manufactured Environments.com

Miqel.com:"Crazy box of curiosities. What the Internet was made for! "

Review from LINKFILTER.net
" Is there anything that is not covered on this site? Art, science, images, architecture, space, math, culture, music.... Very much worth exploring."
- Rating 8.7 (out of 10)

Reviews from

"Water Salad, Hamburger Candy and LSD salesmen...
what more do you need to know about??? Really."

•"A little cluttered but the information is well presented
when you drill down enough. Definitely a thumbs-up from me."

•"There's so much on this page, it could take
an hour just to figure out where to go next..."

•"I'll be stealing regularly from this guy."

•"A whole bunch of random wicked-awesome pictures.
I had to go through every page, I love this!"

•"curious and interesting and has collected hours worth of treasures and trash to explore and enjoy. Thanks for the suggestion on this one"

"Resources for those interested in art, math, entheogens & the metaphysical. Cluttered site but lots of content."

"this site is amazing! From the Paul Laffoley analysis and galleries to Bucky Fuller,
and lots of other random weirdness all the way down to the Church of SubGenius (literally, at the very bottom)"

"When I was a kid I'd go up into the attic of my grandmother's house and find all sorts of things, trinkets, figurines, old photos, dusty relics, letters, rusty toys, pages of apparently insignificant typescript. There was no apparent order to it. Just a busy hodgepodge of stuff. But I loved it, and I always managed to find some little treasure there. This Web site is a lot like my grandmother's attic: crammed full of stuff. Not everything is a treasure. But there are plenty of gems."

"This is an amazing site -- among the best I've ever seen anywhere. Endless trivia; lots and lots of not-so-trivial...e.g., gnostic symbolism in 'The Matrix'; cluster headaches; 'old friend digital flypaper'; 'abandoned structures in Asia'; Carlos Santana, and...odd albums (below). My list could go on and on .."

I got in the BEST OF WEB 2005 AWARDS
at http://www.burncopy.com/bestoftheweb.html

And HA! ROCK!!!
I got 'Tacky Site of the Day' at SomethingAwful.com
here's the review

"I honestly hate sites like this because it takes me ten minutes just to figure out what the site is about.
Not only is it an exercise in poor design and confusion, it's an exercise in poor design and confusion
centered on tacky art, conspiracy theories, and pseudo science"

Yeah ... Ok.
You obviously didn't "get it", whatever that might mean. The site is not "about" any one thing, and why should it be?
This site is about everything and certainly is NOT focused on conspiracy theories or pseudoscience.
Tacky art is, however, in the eye (or mind) of the beholder. I pledge to always center all my aesthetics
and content choices on the opinions of the hack writers at Sometihng Awful.com.
- Miqel


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