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R. Buckminster Fuller
author, scientist, artist, inventor, architect, engineer, philosopher, mathematician, metaphysician, cartographer, visionary, social historian, creator of dymaxion engineering, geodesics, synergy, synergetics, World Game & world resources inventory, arguably the first modern futurist. www.bfi.org

The Historical Attempt by Man to Convert
His Evolution from a Subjective to an Objective Process

by R. Buckminster Fuller
(from No More Secondhand God, and other writings by Fuller, 1963) 

The systematic growth of man's
intellectually-augmented evolution
is structured within a progressively improved
scaffolding of assumptions.

The integrity of the principle of intellectual assumptions as
bravely taken within the confines of residual facts of disillusioned experience is progressively persuasive.

For the new prospect of magnificent reality looms into ken
as the retrospective lure of abandoned illusion first dwarfs then dissoloves.

There after the temporary scaffolding
advantaged by informed approximation
of simplifiying and interacting principles
is formally replaced by earned controls
consisting of ever more exact degrees of measurement,
of the finitely interactive system, of unique principles,
of energetic relationship,
of universe,
its inherent proclivities and articulations,
that is its natural behaviour.

The newly swollen growth of total interactation discovered, equated, and valued-in principles floods silently to contain the subconscious rational of the total individual-society.

Consciously, society is at first fascinated
by the novelties in technical manifestation
of the omnidirectional advance
as comparisoned only to the residual plurality
of fading traditional background illusions.

Wherefore:ultimate social awareness of total engulfment
by new orientation to comparative principles of reality
appears first as enormous apprehension of potential loss
... of what?
of things, of vanities of self-proclaimed prestige? of the illusory values and transitory standards and prerogatives appropriate only to adjustments completed in yesterdays diminutaive gains, by exceptional self?

When man shall become preoccupied
with drawing off the progressive magnitudes of new potential
to establish constant world-wide advancement of living standards,

specifically: through the systematic incorporation of scientific knowledge and technical advantage
in an earth-embracing service industry
of autonomous dwelling
and intelligence facility and felicity insuring not only his progressive immunity
to annhilative factors of nature but cohering his progressive appetite for truth
then will subside the subjective requirements--
the negative motivations, the antipathetic surges, the concessions to survival-mandated compromise, promulgating the theory of advancement by political initiative whose expedient ways are progressively powered by the accumulating science and technology potential to be tapped only for dubious war objectives.

It will take many waves of threatened self-destruction by society
to convince and instruct and mobilize an effectively articulate majority of humanity
into the synchronization of society
towards an objective evolutionary volition inspired by deeply acknowledged faith in an omniscient wisdom and benevolent einstructing through intellect...
(intellect wrote e=mc^2- / -energy did not inscribe intellect e=mc^2)
intellect may write every equation of physical behavior,
but no physical or abstract equation will ever encompass intellect
or its self-starter secret.

When the objective evolution emerges
the intellectually architectured house of tomorrow
will be central to emergence.
--- by R. Buckminster Fuller. 1963.

With these few direct questions, Buckminster Fuller defines Design-Science:

"What are the resources?

What are the tasks necessary to make 100% of humanity a success?

How can we ever do so without ever advantaging one human at the expense of another?

How may we render all the world and all its treasures enjoyable available to all men without having one interfering with or trespassing upon the other?

How may we reform the environment so that the integrity of all society is not violated by the free initiatives of the individual nor the integrity of the individual violated by the developing welfaring advantage and happiness of the many?"

- Buckminster Fuller - NASA Speech 1966

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