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Well, Something has to happen ..... and FAST!

Here are some ideas on implementing successful outcomes for planet earth as a whole system. Remember - everything is recirculated, the earth is a finite space. We have no other logical option other than finding ways of using technology to increase personal freedoms, learning to recognize our interdependence, promoting and implementing regenerative energy sources, using a doing-more-with-less approach to engineering and life planning.

Starting with whole systems thinking,
recycling, conscious consumerism,
tensional engineerning, ephemerealization,
domes, materials science etc.

We can all get along and have enough food, resources, gadgets and space to go around ....
IF we use our MINDS and HEARTS and MACHINES to actually Solve the Problems!

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” - Bucky Fuller

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
R. Buckminster Fuller (1969, ISBN 0525474331) - Full Text Online


R. Buckminster Fuller - Full Text Online

Extensive Quites from Bucky Fuller's Books at Wikipedia - Good intro to Bucky!



WTF Is Comprehensive
Anticipatory Design Science?
Good Intro Here!

N55: Do It Yourself (DIY) Futuristic
Living Designs and Instructions.
(great stuff - making it happen now)

Instant Shelter for Refugees:
Already Designed

Bucky Fuller Bio/info/timeline

Implementing Living Designs
for Global Objectives

Fuller Essay on Design Evolution
(Excerpt from No More Secondhand God)

The Future is here now and it's ours to create: So let us make a utopia, ok?

"Humans have always unknowingly affected all Universe
by every act and thought they articulate or even consider. . . .

Realistic, comprehensively responsible, omni-system-considerate, unselfish thinking
on the part of humans does absolutely affect human destiny." - Bucky Fuller

Buckminster Fuller and Robert Anton Wilson
Late 1950s photo of Buckminster Fuller and Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007: Philosopher, founder of the Discordians,
author of Quantum Psychology, Cosmic Trigger, Illuminatus! trilogy, Schrodinger's Cat trilogy and more)

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Engineering The Future

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