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genius / madman / shaman / guru / actor / director
Alexandro Jodorowsky's THE HOLY MOUNTAIN

I've seen a few postings about this MINDBLOWING film lately. There seems to be a fairly eager reception for the new release of this almost forgotten masterpiece! Rich in unbelieveable spiritual imagery & prophetic political undertones mixed with gore, deformity, metaphysics, vice and beauty.

just by coincidence I had been looking for it for a number of years, as it was rumored to be the "weirdest film EVER", also the directors first film "El Topo" was a favorite of john Lennon's. thru some weird twist of fate, "The Holy Mountain" was funded by the BEATLES manager! But it was quickly taken out of circulation due to a personality conflict between jorodowski & the financiers that led to legal issues. the film was removed form circulation shortly after it's release in 1973 and has been almost impossible to find.

I recently found it on Bittorrent & I was not dissapointed!!
In fact beyond just being 'weird' the film was actually a life-changing work of art that really moved me on a number of levels. It's the film equivalent of a shamanic/alchemical Initiation Ceremony mixed with an LSD trip in a sci-fi Salvador Dali universe.

The producer/director/actor was actually on a very intense spiritual quest at the time of the film and was convinced he could Enlighten the whole world with it. The reality of this comes thru in the film.

It's impossible to describe the film, and impossible to predict until the final scene, which if seen in the right state of mind, is really really energizing & funny after the long physical & spiritual quest to reach the summit of the mointain.
Just remastered for DVD too. The one i saw was a compressed AVI, the remastered DVD at full resolution will be a jaw-dropping cinematic experience.

Many sample pics below of some of the 1000s of stunningly far-out scenes from the film.

Why do you make art? Why?

I make art because I'm an apple tree.

RODAY: Soma?

Yes. I want to try it ... with all kinds of mushrooms I want to do it.
I don't think of movies as a game, in the pejorative sense of the word.
It's a remarkable game. It's a master game. And we must play a master
game, not a little game.

I think of movies as a way to enlightenment, as much as anything else.
I must use it. The first thing a film must change are the actors who are in it;
and then the audiences.

If a young boy takes acid and experiences a change, the least a film can do is give
him more than acid gives him. But you mustn't give him the visions that
acid gives him; you must give him the pill. And then let each individual see
his own visions. That's it.

I believe that not only is it necessary to do now,
but that is must be done. Enough of storytelling and playing little games ...
little acting exercises, little dialogues, little music, little images,
little movie houses. Films distributed by human excrement. Right?
All they know how to eat is shit so they want to distribute shit.

So a real film must create its own distributor.
And we must forget the idea of making it with Broadway
cinemas. In five years, those theatres will be used exclusively
for showing erotic film pamphlets to propagandize war.

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