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Michael Coleman aka MiqelHaving been identified by the adults at age four as 'gifted' in reading, art and communicaion,
I was thankfully placed in attendance at a Montessori school from 1st thru 7th grade.(and relative to the 1970s Mississippi environment I appeared as some type of curious intellectual mutant) This school provided a chance to learn freely, at my own speed and taught me to love learning and reading. Since childhood I have enjoyed science, art, music, design, computers, cosmology, biology and mystery. Today my interest is in everything, with a focus on communication.

Rationale for this site: Just to SHARE FREELY. I hate all that fluffy new-age stuff, but it's still good to share positive & reliable information that might be helpful for people in discovering ways of living a better life for one and all.
I learned from Sesame Street it's good to share and it creates good karma, I learned from the Illuminati that secretly hiding the good data in order to manipulate people leads to disaster! I learned from Bucky there's no need to hoard things, because there's more than enough of everything for everyone, from Bill Hicks I learned to speak the truth as best I can, and I learned from "Bob Dobbs" to keep on smiling and cracking jokes even if radiation is melting your flesh into a puddle of jelly!

Thanks for visiting! Your Friend,
~ Miqel (Michael Coleman)

Professional Services in Nashville or Elsewhere:
Internet Skills For Hire - Website development, content development, Marketing copy, Graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Flash presentations (Web or CD-rom)

Recent Projects
ReligionAndNature.com (International society for the Study of Religion, Nature & culture site - CSS reformatting, sitewide updates and bug fixes)
WorldsFastestGamer.com (Video game launch, site design)
• Bidocean (Internal training materials, internet research, website design)
• Equity Properties (Marketing CD presentation for Real Estate company)
Other Sites I Maintain:
• http://www.LaffoleyArchive.com (down for reformatting)

http://www.youtube.com/miqeldotcom (miqel.com / nuwabu video stash)

Mind-melting music-mix series, 840min. total

http://www.myspace.com/nuwabu5 & nuwabu6
I've also contributed essays featured on the following sites:
Brainsturbator.com (one of my favorite sites, thanks justin!) - Key64.net (another fantastic archive) , and a series of articles in the 'Gonzo Journalism Award' winning 'Flying Saucer Gazette'. In 2006 Miqel.com received the "Golden House Sparrow Award" from the ultimate Transhumanist website "Paradise Engineering: The Hedonistic Imperative" / BLTC Research.


Visual Arts
Collections and Archives
•Writings and Essays
•Crystal & Mineral Collection
•Religious Tract Collection
•1970's UFO Mag Scans
•Coleman Archive/Museum of Oddities
•Inspiration •Hometown Tour: Jackson, MS
Trip: Bonaroo 2004/5 (2007 'dust a roo' pix soon)
•Trip: MardiGras 2004
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