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Personal Data - Shocking Revelations   This site is an answer to the self-asked questions: "What would I say if I could communicate something to everyone on the planet?"   and "What would I enjoy discovering about someone on the Internet?" .... I hope that you enjoy it.  

Birth Name:
Michael Aaron Coleman             Birthplace: Jackson, Mississippi
USA (currently in Tennessee)

Male         Marital Status: Single    Lifestyle: Free-Form Improvisation, 1 microsecond at a time

Professional Skills:

Media Development & Graphic Design for Web; incl. Art Direction & Style Development, Flash animation,
Business Presentations, Website Consultation, CD-rom Programming, Product Concept Development, Internet Research, Pattern Analysis

Graphic media and Communication, Nature, Art, Science, Photography, Geometry, Painting, Music, Patterns, Communication, Computers, Cosmology, Spirituality & Religion, the Unknown, Behavior and psychology, weird films and music. + Everything else

Other subjects I'm familiar with:

Graphic media and Communication, Fractal geometry, Environmental research and implications, Synergetics, Jazz history, World & ethnic music, Entheogenic literature and research, Modern health and nutrition, Holistic health theories, Information theory, General science concepts (biology, physics, space & time, genetics, astrophysics, neurology), Space exploration, Panspermia Theory and News, Anomalies research ....etc.


playing saxophone & flute, computer graphics & design, consciousness exploration, knowledge, travel, novelty


Buckminster Fuller, John Coltrane, Tisziji Munoz, Paul Laffoley, Robert Anton Wilson,
Alex Gray, Shooby Taylor, Sun Ra, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Bill Hicks
& YOU (yes, you! The owner of the eyeballs reading this)

This experiment (My Life) was and is still being inspired to realization by the many beautiful visionaries, pioneers, scientists and revelators who have continued to push humanity onward towards the Truth and have permanently changed our world for the benefit of All.
 Three outstanding individuals who have helped me to Evolve mentally and spiritually, and to whom I owe triple-Infinite thanks are R. Buckminster Fuller  and  John W. Coltrane , and my Great-Grandmother Anne Barker Plummer.

Ultra-Liberal /Conservative /Radical /other    Sexual Status: Heterosexual

I love discovering & digesting various religions and 'cults' including:

christian mysticism, western & eastern occultism, Zen, scientology, Sub-G, discordian, Urantia, Oahspe, Kaballah, new-age, illuminism & freemasonry, theosophy, shamanism, Dr. york & the nuwabuians, gnosticism, zen, ufo cults, ... etc
 - am currently studying & learning from Tisziji (the path of roaring Silence)

Favorite Foods:

Mostly dead plants and animals including: Indian food, Sushi, X-tra Hot Thai, all Fruits, Raw Honey, Brown Rice, Sara(Peruvian Giant Corn), Tomatoes, Whole grain sprouted bread, Pizza, Fried Tofu, Ginger, Pommegranite juice, Passionfruit, Jackfruit, Lychee and i'm a huge fan of Muscadine Grapes 

Favorite Movies:

(not in any particular order) Being There, Waking Life, the Jerk, PI, Space is the Place, Close Encounters of the 3rd kind, ANY Monty-Python movie, the Matrix,, Star-wars series, Time Bandits, EraserHead, They Live, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: a space odyssey, Hair, Fantastic planet, Watership down, the Groove Tube, Dr. Strangelove, Caveman, Brazil, How to get ahead in advertising, Alabama's ghost, Memento, Minority Report, Office Space, the Gods must be crazy, Crouching tiger, Fierce Grace, 'May', images, Existo, Vanilla sky, Requieum for a dream, the Butterfly effect ........ more soon

Writings and Essays

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > About MIQEL - Creator of this Site > Interests and Background

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