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Immense Thanks to Southern Genius Scott Didlake for many of the esoteric books in this collection !!!
Book Shelf & Recommended Reading
Keep in mind that some of these books are total BS and do not reflect my belief system, but altogether do reveal a partial view of my knowledge base & Information exposure level. After typing this list in, the realization is occurring that I have read a LOT of sh_t, holy cow! ... and i'm still hungry for more!
A true bibliophilliac i guess ....
and yes, I still somehow have time for things other than reading! Example 1
(List 80% complete - just a few dozen more scattered books to go!)
*Authors or titles in bold are considered to be helpful, interesting or accurate

Whole Earth Catalog 1969
Whole Earth Catalog 1999/2000

Synergetics I & II
Education Automation
Critical Path
It came to pass
Nine chains to the moon
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth - Bucky Fuller

Cosmic Fishing - E. J. Applewhite w/ Bucky Fuller
BuckyWorks: Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today - Jay Baldwin
A Fuller Explanation - Amy c. Edminson

Illuminatus! Trilogy The Eye in the Pyramid, The Golden Apple, Leviathan
-w/ robert Shea
Schrodingers Cat Trilogy
Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You and Your World
Historical Illuminatus Chronicles, Nature's God
Reality Is What You Can Get Away With
Cosmic Trigger 1: the Final Secret of the Illuminati - Robert Anton Wilson, PHD

How the Environment Works - Preston Gralla

Psychic Exploration: a challenge for science - Edgar D. Mitchell, Apollo Astronaut

OM KRISHNA 1 - Charles Henri Ford

Jesus Christ is the SUN of God, an introduction to the Gnostic origins of the Christian Mythos
-David R. Fideler

Breakfast of Champions
Slaughterhouse Fiv
e - Kurt Vonnegut

the Secret Teachings of All Ages
Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realization
- Manly P. Hall 33rd deg.

The Oldest Magic:
the prehistory, ancient history, nature of, and early influence of MUSIC,
with special attention to the role of the FLUTE
- by Lew Paxton Price ISBN: 0-917578-10-4

Transmission of Mission
The Great Equation: NS+NT+NM=NP
Heart Blood
by - Tisziji 'Bhapuji' Munoz

Chaos and Fractals: A Computer Graphical Journey
A 10 Year Compilation of Advanced Research
& Chaos in Wonderland - Dr. Clifford A. Pickover

The Quantum Universe - Tony Hey and Patrick Walters

John Coltrane: His Life and Music - by Lewis Porter

A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album - by Ashley Kahn, Elvin Jones

Neurochemicals for the Neuroscientist - Research BioChemicals Incorporated 92-93 catalog

Saving the Planet: how to shape an environmentally sustainable global culture
the Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series - Lester Brown, Christopher Flavin, Sandra Postel

Hubble Vision: astronomy with the hubble space telescope - Petersen and Brandt

Field Guide to the Night Sky - National Audobon Society

Race to Mars: the Mars Flight Atlas - Frank Miles and Nicholas Booth

Our Universe: National Geographic Picture Atlas - Roy Gallant

Cambridge Photographic Atlas of the Planets - Briggs & Taylor

Principia Discordia ,
Or, How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her - Malacypse the Younger

Chaos and Cyberculture
Neuropolitique - Timothy Leary, Ph.D.

The Mass Psychology of Fascism - by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

the Order of Melchizidek: A Guide to Initiation - anon

Project Blue Book: UFO Report, Conclusions 1967 - Original Military Print !!!
(found at "Star Store" comix, Jackson Ms 1995-how strange)

This is It
The Book: on the Taboo against knowing who you really are
Nature Man and Woman
Does it Matter? - Alan Watts

the Politics of Experience
the Divided Self
Do you Love Me - R.D. Laing

the Mayan Factor
Earth Ascending - the law governing Whole systems
- Jose Arguelles

Secret Ritual of the Thirty-Third (33rd) and Last Degree
- Soverign Grand inspector General of the AASRF

Three Fisted Tales of BOB
Book of the SubGenius & Revelation X; Book II
High Weirdness by Mail
Stark Fist of Removal - SubGenius Publishing / Ivan Stang

Space, Time, Infinity - James S. Trefil

AMOK:fifth dispatch - sourcebook for the extremes of information - Stuart Swezey

New Directions in Music: 5th Edition textbook - David h Cope

the Gnostic Gospels - Elaine Paigles

Journey to Ixtlan
the Lessons of Don Juan
A Seperate Reality
the Fire from Within
Tales of Power
The Eagles Gift - Carlos Castenada

The Don Juan Papers: Further Castaneda Controversies - by Richard De Mille

the Glass bead Game
Journey to the East - Herman Hesse

Varieties of the Psychedelic Experience - Dr. R. Masters and Jean Houston PHD

LSD Psychotherapy - Dr. Stanislav Groff

The View from Space:American Astronaut Photography 1962-72 - Ron Schick + Julia Van Haften

the Parsimonious Universe: shape and form in the natural world -
Stephan Hilderbrandt & Anthony Tromba

Chaos - James Gleick

Kundalini Yoga - Shakta Kaur Khalsa

Undoing Yourself with energized meditation and other devices
Undoing Youself Too - Christopher S. Hyatt PHD

The New Inquisition - Robert Anton Wilson, PHD

True Hallucinations
The Archaic Revival
The Invisible Landscape
Food of the Gods - Terrence McKenna

My Troubles with Women
Weirdo #1 Comic, spring 1981 (including the 1st ever ad for the Church of the Subgenius!)
-Robert Crumb

Superfly #1 1993 - Mike Diana

Mein Kampf - Adolph Hitler

Malicious Resplendence - the Paintings of Robert Williams

Outposts, a catalog of rare and disturbing alternative information - Russ Kick

Kooks, a guide to the outer limits of human belief - Donna Kossy

Mondo 2000 - users guide to the new edge - Rudy Rucker, etc

Plants of the God's: their sacred, healing and hallucinogenic properties
- Richard Evans Schultes & Albert Hoffman

the Illustrated Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu, Barnes & Noble Edition

the Key to the True Quabbalah (1957)
the Practice of Magical Evocation (1956)
Initiation into Hermetics (1956)
- Franz Bardon

The Golden Bough: the roots of religion and folklore - James G Frazier

Twentieth Century Art - Batterberry

The Neo-Tech Discovery - Frank R Wallace

Mysteries of the Unexplained - readers digest edition

The Unexplained - Dr. Karl Shuker

Alien Art: extraterrestrial expressions on earth - Sarah Moran

Outline of the Principle, Level 4 - Rev. Sun Yung Moon

The New Solar System - Beatty / Oleary / Chaikin

Treasures of Ancient America - skira

A Circle of Nations - John Gattuso

the Solar System - Bill Yenne

Macrocosm USA: an environmental, political, and social solutions handbook with directories
- ed. Sandi Brockway

Personal Profile System: A plan to understand yourself and others - Carlson Learning company

the Lost Books of the Bible - Grammercy

Christ: The Eternal TAO - Heiromonk Damascene

the Complee Ritual of the Order of the Golden Dawn - Israel Regardie

Gems from the Equinox - Alliester Crowley

Universal Wisdom: a journey through the sacred wisdom of the world - Bede Griffiths

Other Tongues, Other Flesh - George Hunt Williamson

Masterpieces of World Philosophy - ed. Frank n. Magill

Morals and Dogma of the ancient and accepted scottish rite - Albert Pike 33rd deg.

My Revelations for the People of Earth - Jozef Rulof

Urantia Book - anon, William Sadler and the "Forum"

Concordex for the Urantia book - Clyde Bedell

Mackey's Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - Robert Ingham Clegg 33rd deg.

the Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic, and Indian Occultism - L.W. DeLaurence

E.S.O. Extended Sexual Orgasm - Alan and Dona Brauer

This Timeless Moment - Laura Huxley (Aldous Huxley's wife)

Parade to Glory: the story of the Shriners - Fred Vandeventer Crescent temple

Optical Designs in motion with Moire Overlays - Carol Berlanger Grafton

the End is Near: visions of Apocalypse, Millennium and Utopia - various artists, dilletante press

a Tribal Education - Matteo Guarnaccia

50 simple things you can do to save the Earth - the Earth Works Group

We all Live Downstream: a guide ot waste treatment that stops water pollution - Barbara Harmony
AquaTerra: MetaEcology and Culture - Jacqueline Froelic w/ Barbara Harmony

Success through Transactional Analysis - by Jut Meninger

SCHWA: World Operations Manual
- Schwa corporation

the Diversity of Life - Edward O. Wilson

the Power of Limits: proportional harmonies in nature, art and architecture - Gyorgy Doczi

the Geometry of Art and Life - Matila Ghyka

Sedona: Beyond the Vortex - Richard Dannelley

The Flower of Life: Book one - Drunvalo Melchizedek

Songs in the Key of Z: the curious universe of outsider music - Irwin Chusid

Virational Medicine: New Choices for healing Ourselves - Richard Gerber M.D.

The Voice of Isis: teachings of the order of christian mystics - Harriette & F. Homer Curtiss 1926

The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the secret of the mysteries
- R. Gordon Wasson, Carl A.P. Ruck, Albert Hoffmann ISBN 0-15-625279-1

Spirit Catcher: the life and art of John Coltrane - john Frain

Miles - by Miles Davis

Moldavite: the starborn Stone of Transformation - Robert Simmons and Kathy Warner

Time and the Other - Emmanuel Levinas

Searching for the Perfect Beat: flyer designs of the american rave scene - Earth Program Ltd.

None Dare Call it Conspiracy - by Gary Allen w/ Larry Abraham

Building the Earth
the Psychological Conditions for Human Unification
- Teilhard De Chardin

Making Presentations - DK essential managers series, Tim Hindle
Communicate Clearly - DK essential managers series, Robert Heller

Islamic Patterns - J. Bourgoin

Personal Power through Awareness - Sanaya Roman

the Secret Oral Teachings in tibetan Buddhist Sects - Alexandra David-Neel and Lama Yongden

High Twelve: by their deeds you shall know them - Edward s. Ellis A.M, Masonic Supply co.

Venus and Tannhauser - Aubrey Beardsley

the Communist Manifesto: Illustrated Gift edition - Karl Marx Illustrated by R. Dell

The United States Constitution - Jefferson, Franklin, etc.

Outlines of the 16 Documente of the Vatican II - Virginia Hefferman

the O'Doole's of Reseda - Tim Ballou and Linda Higgins

Future Shock
The Third Wave - Alvin Toffler

the Mainspring of human Progress - H. G. Weaver

The Andreasson Affair - Raymond e. Fowler

The Human Aura - Nicholas Regush

Conspiracies, Cover-up's and Crimes: from JFK to the CIA terrorist connection - Jonathan Vankin

the Crimes of A President: Cover-ups in the Reagan/Bush administration - Joel Bainerman

True and False Prophets - Don Basham

Necronomicon - Simon

Return of the Magi - Maurice Marge

The Magic of Runes: the secret alphabet of the ancients - Michael Howard

How to make and use Magic Mirrors - Nigel R. Clough

Occult Practices and Exercises:paths to inner power - Garteh Knight

Nigger: an Autobiography by Dick Gregory and Robery Lipstyle

the Mysteries of Chartes Cathedral - Louis Charpentier

Chariots of the Gods
Gold of the Gods
Gods from outer space - Erich Von Daniken

Masters of the World - Robert Charroux

Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric times to the Present - Jacques Bergier

Dubliners - James Joyce

the Face of the Ancient Orient: near eastern civilization in classical times - Sabatino Moscati

the Power of your Subconscious Mind - Dr. Joseph Murphy

the Best of Success - a handbook of success ideals

Pyramid Power - Max Toth and Greg Nielsen

To Seek a Newer World - by Robert F. Kennedy

the Making of a Counter Culture - Theodore Roszack

The Memory Book - Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

Bhagavad Gita: As It IS - A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

the New World Order - Pat Robertson

20 Herbs to take Outdoors: Herbal first aid primer - Therese Francis PHD

Trees: 243 common trees of N. America, Peterson first guides - George A Petrides

Masochism in Sex and Society - Dr. Theodore Reik

Direct Communication: written and spoken - D. C. Heath and Co

A Dictionary of Symbols - J.E. Cirlot

Project LUCID - Texe Marrs

Survival Through Design - Richard Neutra

Be your own Greenhouse Expert - Dr. D.G. Hessayon

Who Speaks for Earth? - various, incl Thor Heyerdahl, ed. Maurice F. Strong

Principles of 3-Dimensional Design - Wucius Wong

Models of Doom: a critique of the Limits to Growth - ed. H. Cole, C. Freeman

the Mysteries of Chiche'n Itza' - Adalberto Rivera

Extended Play: sounding off from John Cage to Dr. Funkenstein - John Corbett

Psychic Surgery: Antonio C Agpaoa - Tom Valentine

The State of the World 1987 - Lester R. Brown
Worldwatch Institute on Progress Toward a Sustainable Society

Man's Rise to Civilization as shown by the Indians of North America - Peter Farb

the Black Flag: the strange case of Sacco and Vanzetti - Brian Jackson

Native American Legends - ed. George E. Lankford

ISLAM: Vol. 1, from the prophet mohammed to the capture of constantinople - Bernard Lewis

Techniques of High Magic - Francis King / Stephen Skinner

Erotic Art - Compiled by Drs. Phyllis and Eberhard Kronhausen

Semantics and Common Sense - Louis B. Salomon

Smart Drugs and Nutrients; latest discoveries in neuroscience - Ward Dean MD & John Morgenthaler

I Am Elvis: a guide to Elvis Impersonators

Hot to Give SEX Instructions - P.J. Bruckner

The Secret of Culture: nine cummunity studies - Laura Thompson

Psycho Kinesis: moving matter with the mind - Adrian V. Clark

Psychedelic Chemistry - Michael Valentine Smith

Belize: a natural destination - Richard Mahler

the Silver Boat 2 - Ann Adams

The Coercive Utopians: social deception by america's power players - Rael & Erich Isaac

A Study of Future Worlds: World Order Models Project - Richard A. Falk
(sponsored by the Institute for World Order, Inc. 1975)

Masonic Code of Oregon and Manual of the Lodge: 31st Edition 1948 -
by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Oregon

The KYBALION; a study of Hermetic Philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece
- by Three Initiates, Yogi publication society. Masonic Temple Chicago Ill. (1912)

These Were Brethren: 24 Masonic short stories - Carl H. Claudy

Ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star - published by the authority of the Grand General Chapter 1955

Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor; Guide to the three symbolic degrees of the Ancient York Rite
- Malcolm C. Duncan

Book of MORMON - 1920 Edition - Joseph H. Smith 33rd Deg.

the Lives of a Cell: notes of a biology watcher - Lewis Thomas

Ancient and Medieval history - Magoffin & Duncalf

Journey into Madness; the true story of secret CIA mind control and medical abuse - Gordon Thomas

Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction - Mark L. Knapp

Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP, Book 1 -

Poison Pen Letters: Using the Mail for Revenge - Keith Wade

The Complete Guide to Lock-Picking - Eddie the Wire

Blood Music - Greg Bear

the Book of Splendours: Vol. 1 Studies in Hermetic Tradition - Eliphas Levi

Kabbalah and Exodus - Zev ben Shimon HAlevi

the Quickening; today's trends, tomorrow's worlds - Art Bell

Serpent Worship: an exposition on one of the phases of Phallic or Sex Worship - Tutor Press

Black Elk Speaks; as told to John G. Neihardt

Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain - Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder

Psilocybin. Magic Mushroom Growers Guide - O.T.Oss and O.N.Oeric

the Power of Twelve:achieving 12-strand DNA consciousness - Anne Brewer

Invisible Residents - Ivan T. Sanderson

the Cambridge Lectures Life Works of Stephen W. Hawking - 4 tapes (read by SWH), 1 book

the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini, - trans. John Symonds Illus. Salvador Dali (!!!)

the UFO Experience: a Scientific Inquiry - J. Allen Hynek

the Mont-Saint-Michel: stone by stone - Marc Deceneux

Swing Journal: the magazine for Jazz devotees #7 july 1994 (John Coltrane Feature Issue)

Patterns of Culture:
an analysis of our social structure as related to primitive civilizations - Ruth Benedict

Ark of the Christos: the mythology, symbolism
and prophecy of the return of planet X and the Age of Terror - William Henry

Dianetics - L. Ron Hubbard

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: a collection of zen and pre-zen writings - Paul Reps

the Gutenburg Galaxy - Marshall McLuhan

Wilhelm Reich: a personal Biography - Ilse Ollendorff Reich

the Silva mind control method - Jose Silva and Philip Meile

Flying Saucers are Real
Ufo's and Flying Saucers - Major Donald Keyhoe

18th Century Italian drawings in the Metropolitan museum of art - Abrams

Children of the Matrix - David Icke

Oahspe - John Ballou Newbrough

Bright Moments: the life and legacy of Rahsaan Roland Kirk - by John Kruth

an Underground Education - Richard Zacks

Essential Reiki - Diane Stein

The Psychology of Children's Art - Rhoda Kellogg

Message from the Water - Masaru Emoto

The Middle Pillar - Israel Regardie

The Plague - Albert Camus

The Great Controversey between Christ and Satan - Ellen G. White

Pycnogenol: the super 'protector' nutrient - Richard A Passwater

The Equinox Vol.3 #10 - Crowley & Golden Dawn

Walking in the ways of the Lord: the ethical authority of the Old Testament - Christopher J. H. Wright

Kabbalah: an introduction and illumination for the World Today - Charles Ponce'

Would the Buddah Wear A Walkman? - Judith Hoper & Dick Teresi

The Universe - LIFE Natural Library

Dancing Disco - Randy Deats

Body Speech - Samy Molcho

Sun Circles and Human Hands: the southeastern Indians art and industry - Emma Fundaburk & Mary Foreman

L. Ron hubbard: the man and his works - scientology group

the Divine Comedy 1:hell - Dante

Concentration: an approach to meditation - Ernest Wood

Ritual for Local Groves: Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle 1948 -

Selections from the Essays of Montaigne - Michel Eyquem De Montaigne

Is GOD a WIMP? scroll#86
Let's talk about the END scroll#70
Are there (UFOS) Extraterrestrieals in your midst? scroll#84
The Mystery Clouds: are they UFO's? scroll#91
What is speaking in tongues(the day of the pentecost) scroll#95
The Man from Planet Riszq scroll#?
360 Questions to ask a Christian: part 1 scroll#102
-The Holy Tabernacle Ministries -
Dr. Malachi Zodok York (AKA: Yamatzii tribe, nuwaubian nation of moors,
ancient mystical order of melchizedek AMOM, shriners of the mystic bla bla, etc, etc)

War with Robots - Harry Harrison

A History of the Jews - Solomon Grayzel

Man in Space - Science Service

Discovering Nature - Dharma Enterprises

Talking Leaves: How to identify american trees - Julius King

Wild-Flowers: Peterson First Guides - Roger Tory Peterson

Reptiles and Amphibians - a Golden Guide

Fossils - a Golden Guide

the Earthsteward's handbook - Oanaan Perry & Lila Forest

Life after Life - Raymond A. Moody jr.

Essential Tao: the Inner Teachings of Chang Tzu - Thomas Cleary

Codes and Secret Writing - Herbert s. Zim

Paradise Restored to man by Theocracy - Watchtower bible and Tract society

War: Moral or immoral - R. B. Thieme jr.

the African Concept of Death - G.k.Osei

the Paradoxes of the highest Science - Ephias Levi

Wake Up! End times newsletter of the Luciferian Liberation front,
people's temple free Urantia. Vol 1 issues 1 & 2 - Bill Z Bubb and Lou Siffer

Get it off your chest - Max Hodes

the Little Book of Big Motivation - Eric Jense

Inebriety: its source, prevention and cure - Charles Palmer

Electricity in Facial Blemishes - Pylm Hayes MD

Jean Genet - A thiefs Journal

Wunnerful Wunnerful; the Autobiography of Lawrence Welk

The Awakened Life - Dr. Wayne Dyer

The ABC's of Physics - Jerome s. Meyer

The Unified Field - Mark Leon

God's Super Salesman - "the Chaplin of Bourbon St." - Bob Harrington

the Art of Worldly Wisdom - Baltasar Gracian

Kabbalistic Aphorisms - James Sturzaker

the Beginning of the End - Tim Lahaye

Practical Guide to Astral Projection: the out of body experience - Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips

Webworks: Navigation - edited by Ken Coupland
Navigation: the best work from the web - Jeff carlson,toby malina,glenn fleischman
Great Web Architecture - Clay Andres
Web Style Guide - Lynch and Horton

HORIZON, a magazine of the Arts - Nov 1961, hardbound

FORTUNE magazine anthology, (hardbound) vol. 52 july-sept 1955

QCD Quantum Chromo-Dynamics:
QED Quantum Electro-Dynamics:
the strange theory of light and matter - Richard P. Feynman

The English Cabalah vol.1 the Mysteries of Pi - William Eisen

Sword of Wisdom: MacGregor Mathers and the Golden Dawn - Ithell Colquhoun

Frontline of Discovery: Science on the Brink of Tomorrow - National Geographic Society

Management, a total quality perspective - Bounds, Dobbins and Fowler

the Fossils of the Burgess Shale - Briggs / Erwin / Collier

Secret Life, firsthand documented accounts of UFO Abductions - David M. Jacobs PHD

Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness - Preston B. Nichols & Peter Moon

Bullfinch's Mythology: the age of fable, chivalry and legends of charlemange - modern library

Bigfoot: the YETI and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality - John Napier

Questions to a Zen Master - Taisen Deshimaru

Know Your Enemy! - T.H. Tetens

Self Analysis from your Handwriting - Albert E. Hughes

Key to Yourself - Dr. Venice Bloodworth

Aliens from Space - Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe

Why your House may Endanger Your Health - Dr. Alfred V. Zamm

Srimad Bhagavatam: first canto part one - A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

5000 One and Two Liners for Any and Every Occasion - Leopold Fechtner

the Anointing - Benny Hinn

Numbers: their occult power and mystic virtues - W. Wynn Wescott

Moments With You, a book of romantic poetry expressing love and emotion - John L. Parnell

Adventure In Service: the story of Rotary, it's origin, growth and influence - Rotary International

The Meaning of Human Existence - Leslie Paul

Nothing in this Book is True, but it's Exactly How Things Are - Bob Frissell

the Dark Side of the Brain: major discoveries in
the use of Kirlian Photography and Electrocrystal Therapy - Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill

The Foxfire Book - ed. Flint Wigginton

Climb the Highest Mountain: the Path of the Higher Self - Mark and Elizabeth Claire Prophet

The Spiritualists - Ruth Brandon

A Course In Miracles - Helen Schucman, the Foundation for Inner Peace

The Voice of the Heart: a call to full living - Chip Dodd

The Monuments of Mars: a city on the edge of forever
Clementine Whitepaper (1995)
Lunar Anomalies Presentation - Richard C. Hoagland

Spaceships of the Visitors: an illustrated guide to alien spacecraft - Kevin Randle & Russ Estes

The Ladder of Lights - William G. Gray

An ABZ of Love - Inge & Sten Hegeler

Hot Chile' Cookbook; Hot and firey recipes from spicy world cuisine - Jenni Fleetwood

Flavors - Pamela Morgan

The Mafia,CIA & George Bush:the untold story of america's greatest financial debacle - Pete Brewton

777 and Other Qabalistic writings - Aleister Crowley

The Path of Least Resistance - Robert Fritz

The Orgone Accumulator Handbook - James DeMeo PHD, fwd. by - EvaReich

The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy - compiled by Tuella through Ashtar Command

The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History - Colin McEvedy

The Occult: a History - Colin Wilson

Planetary Exploration through the year 2000: An Augmented Program
- part 2 of the 1986 Report of the Solar System Exploration Committee of the NASA Advisory Council

Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary, Cusco/Peru - Peter Frost and Jim Bartle

Qosqo - the Navel of the World - Tony Morrison

the Good Food Growing Guide; gardening and living nature's way - John Bond

The Phillips Collection - Washington

An Essay on Morals - Phillip Wylie

The Lie: EVOLUTION - Ken Ham

The Sepher Yetsira
The Resurrection of the Word
The Cipher of Genesis; the original code of the qabala as applied to the scriptures - Carlo Suares

Commentaries on Living, 3rd series - J. Krishnamurti

Exploring the Human Aura - Nicholas Regush & Jan Merta

Science and Rligion in the new age beyond 2000 A.D. - K.T. Glasziou

the Magical and Ritual use of HERBS - Richard Alan Miller

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson

Psychology in the Classroom , a manual for teachers - Rudolf Dreikurs

The Way of Splendor: Jewish Mysticism and Modern Psychology - Edward Hoffman

Serpent Power, the secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga - Arthur Avalon (sir John Woodroffe)

Concentration: a guide to mental mastery - Mouni Sadhu

Nomads of the Nomands: the Al murrah bedouin of the empty quarter - Donald Powell Cole

TM: dicovering inner energy and overcoming stress - Harold H. Bloomfield, MD

Satan Speaks! - Anton Szandor LaVey

the Rediscovered Bean - Judith Choate

Relax With YOGA - Arthur Liebers

Sai Baba, Man of Miracles - Howard Murphet

the Chrisopher Robin Story Book - A.A. Milne

No-Fault Negotiating: the new dealmaking strategy that lets both sides win - Len Leritz

Walden and Civil Disobedience - Henry David Thoreau

Rendevous in Space: the story of projects Mercury, Gemini, Dyna-Soar & Apollo - Martin Caidin

Computers for People: We've brought the computer age home (ATARI) - Jerry Willis & Merl Miller

Dress for Success - John T. Molloy

Walt Whitman - Leaves of Grass

Herbs: the Magic Healers - Paul Twitchell

From Earth to Heaven - Rev. A. P. Graves

Tantra of the Great Liberation - Arthur Avalon

A history of White Magic - Gareth Knight

Man and Society - Samuel H. Jameson

U.S. on the Moon, What it means to us - Book by US News and World Report

The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge - Zolar

The Million Soul Man: a bio of E.J.Daniels - M. F. Morris intro by Billy Graham

Keys to Scripture Numerics - Ed F. Vallowe

The Magician, His Training and Work - W.E. Butler

BOOK 4 - Aleister Crowley

The History of Magic - Eliphas Levi

Fast Facts of False Teachings: incl. evolution, mormonism, new age and more - Ron Carlson & Ed Decker

Oriental Magic - Idries Shah

The Golden Dawn; The Inner Teachings - R.G. Torrens

The Secret Garden: an Anthology in the Kabbalah - David Meltzer

The Mystical Qabalah - Dion Fortune

Healing Miracles from Macrobiotics: a diet for All Diseases - Jean Charles & Mary Alice Kohler

The Genesis Diet - Gordon s. Tessler PHD

YOGA; a scientific evaluation - Kavaoor T. Behanan

On the Kabbalah and it's symbolism -
ZOHAR: the book of splendor, basic readings from the Kabbalah - Gershom Scholem

SEX in the worlds religions - Geoffrey Parrinder

The Philosopher's Stone - a novel by Colin Wilson

Scout Handbook - Boy Scouts of America

Spiritualist Hymnal, specially adapted for Spiritualist Meetings - National Spiritualist Association

Magick, in theory and practice - Aleister Crowley

Magicians of the Golden Dawn: a documentary history of a magical order - Ellic Howe

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