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miqel.com 2007 RECENT INFO PAGE
The site has been growing cobwebs over the last year, due to other internet projects, work and general life stuff.
I've been collecting and writing material for new sections and wishing to restore some of the old ones but it seems there is so much happening on the web and in the world that it's hard to have the discipline to juggle it all. Until I get that figured out & simplified, all new updates and findings will be loaded to this page, with the newest at the top.
working on this page while you are reading it .... only 1/6th done with the recent updates
Ah .. got the 2007 News and Links pages Online .. Mega Update Part I - Part II - Part III

2007 News & Stories: , Part 1:
Cool sites - The YETI and City of Tomorrow
Cool Science - New Solar Mysteries
Diet Soft-Drinks = Toxic Chemical soup?
Domestic Spying - Dragonfly Drones Reported
Mathematicians finally map 248-dimensional structure, the E8
Link: 7 Reasons the 21st Century Is Making Us Miserable
Science: UV Light Device kills Bird-Flu in Air-Vent systems
Map of Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007
Very Smart Site: Increasingintelligence.com "six ways to increase Intelligence"
Fortean Related: The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society
The Dolichocephaloids: Missing Race Of Our Human Family
New Visionary Art Gallery: Grant Wallace
EM Health - Microchip Implants cause fast-growing tumors
and - BBC story, Cell-phones cause definite mutations in human DNA

Conspiracy Website: "The Project For Exposure of hidden Institutions"
E. Howard Hunt - Nixon henchman confesses to JFK Murder Involvement
Unsolved Anthrax Attacks - Government 'Insider' Speaks Out
Sarlo's Guru Rating Service - 100's of Cults and Groups Reviewed
MP3 Lectures by Sound Yogi Kirpal Singh - 1950s through 1970s
D.O.M.A. Plates, Rosicrucian Documents reprinted by Manly P. Hall 32degree
Agnes Marsland - Leader of the Order of the Initiates of Thibet
John Yarker & Crowley's false Fremasonic credentials
2007 News & Stories: , Part 2:
Astronomers have found an enormous hole in the Universe
Transgenic Glowing Pigs & Cats of Many Varieties: Green, Red, Yellow
Damanhur - Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning underground temples
Physics, Sacred Geometry, Geodesic Modeling Toys
Discovery: Brain's Visual Cortex Doesn't "Tell" All It Knows
The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract
Mary Ferrell Foundation JFK Assassination Records Archive
Smarty Plants: Inside the World's Only Plant-Intelligence Lab
Police could not find any fingerprints on Dr Kelly's 'suicide' knife
Research: Bone Structure 'Vastly Different' Than Previously Believed
MRSA Superbug More Prevalent Than First Thought - New Survey
Getting dirty may lift Depression: Bacteria found in the soil activates Serotonin
BBC Documentary: The Forgotten Attempted Fascist Coup in America in 1933
Top Military Lawyer: Complete Lack of Basic Case Review Procedures In Guantanamo Military Trials

It's that time of year again, So I Reloaded the
Bonnaroo 2005 Adventure pages, + Pics from 2008, '07 & '04
in which I demonstrate that the only Bonnaroo ticket you need
is a neon "Bob" Dobbs face and some imagination,

Access to Bonnaroo with a "BOB" face & Luck!

Also - L. Ron Hubbard can't pronounce GALAXY .... MP3
this one is a GEM too! L.R.H. explains "God" & flips out!

I've been uploading some odd videos onto YouTube

(Jan 15 2008 - Account Deleted BY YouTube for no known reason)

for a few months now, here are some highlights, or visit the page directly at this (DEAD) link


My First-time DMT Report !!
After 9 years of curiosity - May 2007
NOTE TO READER: This was not a "fun" psychedelic experience - not a dreamy trip to heaven, lol.
yet it was definitely medicinal & instructional in many ways. I learned quite a few things about myself in the space of just a few moments or even seconds.

Recently posted MP3's for download of the music I play on flute and sax
Updated June 3, 2007
recorded for the joy of music, onto my home PC with a cheap radio-shack microphone, lol. Never intended as anything but documents of where & what I was thinking musically.
I love music, it is my religion & the universal language in many ways, and I only play intuitively as a form of meditation & yoga.

Also reposted the Photos from
A Trip to Sacred Sites of Peru & Bolivia
New Projects: Tisziji Munoz Myspace Profile
- Launched Mid-April 2007

Tisziji Munoz appears to be one of the few musician/artist/mystics who reliably
perceives & reflects the deepest known truths almost all of the time.

For those not aware of Tisziji, he is a Puerto Rican Guitarist from NYC who has attained a state of 'Radical Enlightenment'.
I met Tisziji in 2004 and recently created a Myspace page for Tiz to share his music and philosophy with a broader group of people.

He has lived away from any public recognition of his vast musical and literary achievements.
He prefers to live a life of quiet spiritual service to mankind through heart-music, writing dozens of self-published books on Spiritual awareness, Karma and Transcendence, and by asking the most serious questions possible about who and what we are as human beings and infinite Spirits.
He is also a healer, astrologer, guru and yogi,
(check the clips on the profile)

here's an interview with Tisziji at harvard university in 2003, part I
Download Tisziji interview MP3 pt.1

"Does Spirit only work in the ways of a tradition?
Is Spirit not Free to create a new one?

The statement 'no enlightenment outside of the traditions'
indicates that if you are going to Awaken,it is going to have to happen through
transformational processing from some exclusive tradition
or formerly established, antique system, institution or lineage.
And it is a great statement indeed which has its appropriate impact
on certain developed but unenlightened or unliberated beings.

But not all Sat Gurus are born out of such traditions.
Spirit truly works in Strange ways. In fact, It works in Its Own Ways.
And this fact of the process each and every being must be open to.
Traditions do not create Spirit. Spirit creates traditions.
Masters do not create Spirit. Spirit creates Masters.

The ultimate purpose of genuine spiritual traditions
is to empower beings towards or into Enlightened Beingness,
not to make beings merely look or feel good."

from: Tisziji's Inner-Planetary Guide
by Tisziji Munoz © 1990

an interview with Tisziji
at harvard university in 2003, part II
Download Tisziji interview MP3 pt.2

And if you are a MySpace user, feel free to add the New
Tisziji Munoz Myspace Profile

There are so many amazing things on myspace & on the web in general, but there wasn't much online or even any discussions happening about Paul Laffoley or Tisziji Munoz
So I feel it's the best service i can do, to help bring these truly amazing artist/philosophers to a broader audience. & it's working out good, maybe the time has come where Tisziji & Paul will get their visionary messages out to the public!
I think the world will be a better place if that happens ;)

March thru Late April 2007: Cluster-Headache Cycle
- non-productive & out of it.

ECH is a condition of the hypothalamus. This is the brain's biological clock and controller of all central nervous system adaptive & regulatory functions. In ECH it goes haywire for a while (lots of fun & severe headaches)
and then back to normal on a clockwork-like regular cycle. Totally weird - it feels like you're dying & someone has a burning spike pushed 4 inches into your eyeball, but there is nothing visible to others except you writhing in pain, lol. Each patient has the same symptoms but a different timing. I'm lucky in that mine are widely spaced. I have 4 to 6 weeks of intense daily headaches (level 10 pain) every 2 years in the spring.
See my Page on Episodic Cluster Headaches for more info.


Soon to be REVIEWS: Recent Movies i've Seen -

The HOLY MOUNTAIN (Alexandro Jodorowsky, 1973)
- This one was so good I posted a page of screen-captures! Amazing film!
El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1970)

Zoolander - Not near as funny as i expected.
Watchable, but "Dodge ball" was better imho.

Terminator 3 'HOPE Edition' (sci-fi fan edit)
With all the bullshit cut out! Thank you!!
No bad one liners, catch-phrases or nonsensical scenes included just for gags or cheap laughs and not relevant to the plot. I really enjoyed this one, i'd advise downloading this rather than the hollywood release. T3 is pretty good with all the 'fat' trimmed off, more of a realistic & serious sci-fi film.

Toxic Avenger
Worth one viewing if you've never seen it before. If you've seen it already it might kinda suck.
Toxic Avenger is one of those films that I think is cool, but don't really enjoy watching. It was good the fist time though wheni was 17 and it was probably the FIRST environmental-theme gore&violence movie.

Battlefield Earth - adapted from a sci-fi novel by Scientology
founder L. Ron Hubbard & Produced by advocate John Travolta

I promise that I approached this film with an open mind, laying aside my personal feelings about L. Ron & scientology. After only 5 minutes I found myself wishing Travolta would hurry up and get on-screen - not a good sign. Overall I found it to be a pretty horrible sci-fi film. Despite its high budget, the bad acting, silly dialogue and lame directing give it that 'made for TV' feel. The acting is poor, the characters are shallow & the plot is nonsensical. There are about a million slow-motion scenes of fights, explosions and crashes to pad the movie for time & make up for the nonexistent logic of the plot.

The 'bad guys' are like Klingons and are stupidly named the Psychlos. it's the year 3000 and they have enslaved humans for use in mining gold. One valiant human rebels and eventually manages to blow up the Psychlos home planet. Why a space traveling race would need humans to mine gold instead of using robots or simply making gold from the atomic scale is not explained. Why gold would even be valuable as a trade item between space cultures is not mentioned.
much of the film is like this - a direct projection of human values, psychology and 20th century behavior patterns onto a shallowly constructed 'bad guy' race of aliens. That's the same gripe I have about the star-wars movies, too much like a western in outer space, and that's not convincingly alien or entertaining to me.

I really can't explain just how BAD the plot and characters are in this film ... I could spend hours picking apart the plot contradictions & annoyingly crude presentation, but it's not worth wasting time on. It's just plain stupid. Google it if you need in-depth post-mortem bad reviews. Sure it was adapted from a 3-rd rate sci-fi book written in the 1950s(?), but that is no excuse for this much suckitude. I've read books and seen films created during the early 20th century that were way more imaginative. L. Ron hubbard was just a hack, don't waste your time. This film was painful to watch & the most exciting scene was the closing credits.
Check out Phillip K Dick (his books & film adaptions)
he was much more of a true science fiction (and cyberpunk) writer.

Star-Wars 1978 Holiday Special
On par with Hubbard/Travolta's "Battlefield Earth".

There is a very good reason why this was NEVER rebroadcast and did not appear on any of the extras in the Star-Wars DVD volumes. The reason is that it sucks beyond belief. Embarrassingly bad. Don't waste your time, the 1978 holiday special is not even entertainingly bad (the reason I downloaded it in the first place)
The whole first 20 minutes happens in Chewbaca's home planet, mostly at his house. The first 20 minutes is literally ALL wookies yelping and using body-language. It gets old after about 45 seconds, but goes on and on and on .... Chewbaca's son is a major character and there are short appearances by Harrison Ford, Mark hamill and a super smacked-out Carrie Fisher.
Dredging up the memories to write this review is too painful .. did i mention it's a musical too? Ouch. If you want boredom, pain, and then more boredom followed by mental nausea ... download a torrent of the 'Star Wars 1978 holiday special' - George Lucas wants to bury this one forever, in an interview he said he'd destroy EVERY copy if it was possible.
Ha ... too late.

BRAZIL (Terry Gilliam)
X-Men trilogy -
Fight Club (yes .. i waited forever to see it)
Time-Bandits (Terry Gilliam)

REVIEWS OF INTERNET FILMS: (Mostly Politics & Conspiracy)
The Century of SELF, Parts 1-4 - on Google video, produced by the BBC
911 - LOOSE CHANGE - versions 1,2,3, .....and counting ;)
911 - Anti Loose Change - Arguments and counter-arguments
Welcome To Terrorland - the Venice Flying Circus, and others by Daniel Hosticker
TerrorStorm, False-Flag, Bohemian Grove, Aaron Russo interview, and about 8 others - Alex jones
G.H.W. Bush / JFK Involvement Film -

Trailer for Jorodowski's
"El Topo" & "The Holy Mountain"

Laffoley Online Archive Project - LAFFOLEYARCHIVE.COM -

- Launched Feb 2007 - Finally online!

Thanks to everyone who helped this effort!
The Paul Laffoley Archive site will keep growing as more of Laffoley's work becomes available to the public!

Paul Laffoley Art - Myspace Slideshow
Active Projects:
NUWABU Music Museum Mixes 1 thru 6

- Summer 2006

6 Myspace Music Profiles of Weird music & Samples (!?)
with Four 35 minute tracks on each profile.
Appropriate for meditation, exercise,
creeping out visitors to your cubical, or starting an uncontrollable riot!

My collection of strange, exotic or extreme music of all types. Updated Regularly ... sort of.
(840 minutes of free insane & random music downloads!!!)

Active Projects: Paul Laffoley Myspace Profile - Summer 2006

- For a long time I've tried to alert people about Paul Laffoley's incredible art with a small gallery hosted on this site. Amazingly in 2005 one of Mr. Laffoley's friends contacted me and suggested I establish contact with him.
So after wondering what I would say to such a genius I finally called him, and found out that although his intellect is almost from another dimension, he is a very down-to-earth, funny, friendly, informative and graceful person to speak with. So after being a fan for almost ten years prior (with access to only about 10 of his works), suddenly we were talking on the phone about philosophy, history and time-mechanics. I suggested starting a website to explore his art & ideas, and that I really felt the world was ready to acknowledge and understand his art on a wider, more accessible level. Alex Grey was proof that spiritual, dimensional & fractal art were becoming widely appreciated. We discussed various ideas, but I didn't have the time or means to make a trip to Boston to meet with him.

In mid-summer 2006 my friend on MySpace VALIS suggested starting a Paul Laffoley fan page.
We created a profile with a lot of info and soon there were about 100 to 200 new friend requests coming in per week!!!
It has grown into an active community of visionary art fans, and proven that Laffoley was long overdue for larger public exposure & recognition.

In less than a year it has grown by word-of-mouth with NO ADVERTISING to 8100 friends, (and 64,000 profile views!!) which is unprecedented for a (formerly) relatively obscure artist. Thanks to all our friends on Myspace for the great comments and insightful emails.

Paul Laffoley has been very pleased to find a new younger audience who is ready for real discussions about nanotechnology, time-machines, 2012, sacred geometry and all the rest. He's happy that his optimistic message and designs for the future are finding their place in the world's thought process.

As a side effect of being involved,
I've met many, many new and amazing friends
thru managing the Laffoley Profile -
it's a great pleasure & honor to meet so many talented and forward moving people!

NAMASTE to all of you/ we/ it/ am / is


Professional Experience and Work Examples
Personal Skills and Interests
Bookshelf Listings
•Associations & Friends
•Religious Tract Collection
•Crystal & Mineral Collection
•1970's UFO Mag Scans
•Coleman Archive/Museum of Oddities
•Hometown Tour: Jackson, MS
Trip: Peru & Bolivia; Sacred Sites 1999 - photos
Trip: Bonaroo 2004/5
•Trip: MardiGraz 2004
“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” - Bucky Fuller

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