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Nashville Tn - Web Design, Content Development and Biz presentationsPart I - 2007 Psychotronic News Links from Miqel.com - Quick Update:
Its been a while since i've posted regularly ... been busy trying to keep things balanced at work and dealing with the slowdown (aka. recession) in the economy. I have been self-employed for the last 5 years doing internet related design, site development and marketing strategy and the past few months business has dropped off considerably and consequently i've been steadily creeping into debt & am just now starting to freak out about it.As an artist it's not really in my nature to promote 'myself', I just like to do the work I do without becoming yet another ad. but perhaps i can look at it as promoting not 'self' but a set of intellectual attributes and skills which I am willing to engage in a financial exchange ... so

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2007 Links To Interesting Info and Cool Facts - PART I:
Catching up on Meme Sharing ... In 2007 I saved hundred of links to interesting stuff I found online, for eventual use in postings on Miqel.com. However i never seemed to "have time" or the psychic energy necessary to get these up on my site. Here's some food for thought with brief commentary and/or related links. I also have a growing list of links i've saved in 2008, but first things first. Here are a couple dozen articles, images, ideas, discoveries and mysteries I noticed in 2007, many of which might be interesting to mutants, futants, neophiles, weirdos (and even 'normals') of all types. I'll try to break this down into sections - Cool Science, Futuristic Discoveries, Politics & Society, Metaphysics/Occult, Ufos, Cultural Issues, Economics, the Environment, Mysterious events, weirdness, random other things.

weirdness & Interesting Sites:

dance dance danceyeti artifact - art or fact?I LOVE the YETI -
Do YOU Love the Yeti too? If so, this is the right blog for you.

All about the Yeti in popular culture, info on recent cryptozoology news, crazy yeti products, magazine clippings, Yeti links, old newsreel footage and other fun stuff.
Suitable for humans but primarily fun for SubGeniuses(yetisyns) who are directly related through their ancient genetic & cultural Yeti ancestry. Check. www.subgenius.com to find out if YOU are related to the prehistorical Yetis of Mutantis

foodomatic futurama of yesterday

Comment: Idealized images of today's future ... from the past!
Fun for looking at old models of today and tomorrow. `Miqel)"

Cool Science:

Dazzling new images reveal the 'impossible' on the Sun
from the site:
"Everything we thought we knew about X-ray images of the Sun is now out of date," says Leon Golub from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. "We've seen many new and unexpected things. For that reason alone, the mission is already a success."
"Almost every day, we look at the data and we say – what the heck was that?" says Golub, a member of the XRT science team.

closest view of the sun"Another surprise sighting is that of giant magnetic field loops crashing down onto the Sun's surface as if they were collapsing from exhaustion, a finding that Golub describes as "impossible". Previously, scientists thought they should emerge from the Sun and continue blowing out into space.
Astronomers do not yet know what to make of the surprises, but they hope Hinode will help solve many big puzzles. One is that the temperature of the Sun's tenuous outermost atmosphere, or corona, is far hotter than the layers underneath, which are nearer its energy-generating core. Scientists believe that tangled magnetic fields must somehow dump energy in the corona. "Theorists suggested that twisted, tangled magnetic fields might exist," says Golub. "With the XRT, we can see them clearly for the first time.""

I thought this was interesting. The more we discover - even about things considered fairly-well understood by physics, the more we see how simplistic our theories are. (~Miqel)

The Environment & Health

Behind the Label: Diet Coke

"Far from being the healthy drink implied by its sports sponsorships, Diet Coke is a worrying cocktail of neurotoxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals"
diet coke and cola chemical spill in a can"Five countries – the US, the UK, Germany, Canada and Brazil – guzzle more of this supposedly healthy, sugar-free alternative to regular Coke than anywhere else in the world."
DO YOU DRINK DIET SODAS? For many readers the answer is certainly yes ... I know quite a few people who are generally "hippies" who also are pretty aware of nutrition & diet, yet they still chug these diet drinks sweetened by Aspartame, Splenda and others.
Ok Friends, consider a switch to Tea, herbal tea, low-sugar juice, or just plain water. It would be safer to drink nothing than to drink most colas ... which seem innocent enough right? just some sugar-water with a little color and flavorig right? here's what's up with the chemical spill rebranded as a healthy alternative to higher calorie beverages. Bah ...

January 2008:

YouTube "Nuwabu / Miqel.com" Channel Explodes
then Gets Axed by Rival Religious Fanatic!
Gold-digger Melissa Scott attacks SubGenius YouTube Channel
I put many many hours into that page ... ugh)

(WAS) Hovering at #5oth most-viewed (All-time) in the 'Guru' Category for the last 5 months!

Stats: Over 3.5 million video views,
35,000 profile views and 700 subscribers in just one year,
200,000 comments, with ZERO Advertising or hype!

Killed by a (C) complaint from Melissa Scott ministries

widow of rogue preacher Dr. Gene Scott. new channel will be up soon!

The Death of my youtube channel even earned an
honorary mention (MP3 Clip) on the PUZZLING EVIDENCE show

You can listen anytime on KPFA (the longest running Subgenius radio show, featuring Overman Philo Drummond and the man who shot "Bob", Puzzling Evidence. amazing "show" within a show fractal radio ... check it out - http://www.quiveringbrain.com)

Creepy Domestic Spying
miniature insect spy device
Washington abuzz with talk of dragonfly spies

The Washington Post: US agencies are staying tight-lipped about robobug research, writes Rick Weiss.
VANESSA ALARCON saw them at an antiwar rally in Lafayette Square in Washington last month. "I heard someone say: 'Oh my god, look at those'," the university student recalled. "I look up and I'm like, 'What the hell is that?' They looked kind of like dragonflies or little helicopters. But those are not insects."
Bernard Crane saw them, too. "I'd never seen anything like it in my life," the Washington lawyer said. "I thought: 'Is that mechanical, or is that alive?' "
That is just one of the questions hovering over a handful of similar sightings at political events in Washington and New York. Some suspect the insect-like drones are high-tech surveillance tools, perhaps for the Department of Homeland Security.
mosquito copter domestic spying
No agency admits to having deployed insect-size spy drones, though several US Government departments say they are trying. But several federally funded teams are growing live insects with computer chips in them, with the aim of mounting spyware on their bodies. The robobugs could follow suspects, guide missiles to targets or navigate collapsed buildings to find survivors.

The protesters probably saw dragonflies, said Jerry Louton, an entomologist at the National Museum of Natural History. Washington is home to some large, spectacularly adorned dragonflies that "can knock your socks off", he said.
But, he added, some details do not make sense. The eyewitnesses all reported seeing at least three dragonflies manoeuvring in unison.
"Dragonflies never fly in a pack," he said.

Mathematicians finally map 248-dimensional structure

19 March 2007 -NewScientist.com news service
intro to E8 with helpful commentary


"The team has exhaustively explored an esoteric 248-dimension structure called E8 and the results take up 60 gigabytes of data. If written out in tiny print, the results would cover an area the size of Manhattan.
“E8 was discovered over a century ago, in 1887, and until now, no one thought the structure could ever be understood,” says the team leader Jeffrey Adams.
The group E8 encapsulates the symmetries of a geometric object like a sphere, cylinder or cone, but in 57 dimensions. E8 itself has 248 dimensions.

“This is an impressive achievement,” said Nicolai. He adds that the unique structure of E8 might help in the quest for a unified theory of gravity and the other forces in nature.

"This is a 2-dimensional projection of a E8, a 248-dimensional object seen here simplified into only 8-dimensions to help preserve sanity. Essentially, if I understand it correctly, it’s like a 2-D shadow of a 248-D sphere, an object so symmetrical you could theoretically rotate it in any direction in up to 248 dimensions and it still appear the same"

E8 247 dimensional structure
E8 Sewing Project!!! Crazyfor those into Geometry, also DIG

"E8 and the Platonic Solids"


"There are exactly 5 Platonic solids: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. These solids have fascinating symmetry groups. The cube and octahedron are "dual" to each other, as are the icosahedron and the dodecahedron. Dual solids have the same symmetry group, so there are three symmetry groups here: the tetrahedron, cube and icoshedron. The symmetry group of the icosahedron is the most interesting one: it is the finite simple group A5 of order 60.

The groups T (the symmetries of the tetrahedron), C (symmetries of the cube) and I (symmetries of the icosahedron) are subgroups of the group of rotations of 3-dimensional space, which is known as SO(3). This Lie group is the symmetry group of the sphere."


7 Reasons Why the 21st Century is Making Us Miserable

lonely? Your not Alone in feeling that way ...from the site:
"Scientists call it the naked photo test, and it works like this:
Say a photo turns up, of you nakedly doing something that would shame you and your family for generations. Bestiality, whatever. Ask yourself how many people in your life you would trust with that photo. Studies show that for almost everybody, the number of people we really trust is shrinking. About a quarter of the people they talked to said they had NO ONE to confide in. Walk down the street, one out of four people you pass have nobody.
Among the people who did have somebody, the average number of people in their circle of trust was two. And that includes spouses and parents. Yes, this is new. The numbers are down a whole bunch since just 1985. The world is becoming a colder and lonelier place. Here's why. "

Good and thoughtful discussion of how technology is bringing us together while simultaneously dumbing us down. More communication is happening at the cost of it being less accurate and more superficial. Also, floods of conflicting data available without adequately updated critical thinking skills in the general population makes the web a perfect info-warfare environment. Read this and find the solutions that work best for you.

Pandemic Protection:

UV Light Filter Kills H5N1 Bird-Flu in Ventilation Systems!

From the story:
pathogen eradication systems"This study was jointly funded by VIGILAIR Systems and a number of Wall Street based financial and insurance institutions that are concerned about the disruptive effects of a pandemic on business continuity.
Independent laboratory test results show that UVGI effectively deactivated the H5N1 virus. The study tested UVGI's ability to deactivate the Vietnam strain of H5N1. This is the first time such testing has been performed on live H5N1 viruses, not surrogate microorganisms. UVGI is a potent germicide. When microorganisms are exposed to specific wavelengths and quantity of UV, the organism's genetic material is corrupted. These organisms are then unable to reproduce and are rendered harmless.
VIGILAIR(R) systems are nstalled inside a building's ventilation system effectively disinfecting the air that is circulated throughout the structure. VIGILAIR(R) has achieved similar positive results when tested against SARS and anthrax"

Can probably be created from WAY cheap with just a little DIY engineering
and proper technical data.
Build your own when it (or the next plague) comes to your town ... especially good for people living in apartments or places with central air.

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Privacy and Freedom:

Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007

from the site "The 2007 International Privacy Ranking - State of Privacy Map
Each year since 1997, the US-based Electronic Privacy Information Center and the UK-based Privacy International have undertaken what has now become the most comprehensive survey of global privacy ever published. The Privacy & Human Rights Report surveys developments in 70 countries, assessing the state of surveillance and privacy protection.
privacy and information society
In recent years, Parliaments throughout the world have enacted legislation intended to comprehensively increase government's reach into the private life of nearly all citizens and residents.
Competing "public interest" claims on the grounds of security, law enforcement, the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration, administrative efficiency and welfare fraud have rendered the fundamental right of privacy fragile and exposed. The extent of surveillance over the lives of many people has ow reached an unprecedented level. Conversely, laws that ostensibly protect privacy and freedoms are frequently flawed – riddled with exceptions and exceptions that can allow government a free hand to intrude on private life.

At the same time, technological advances, technology standards, interoperability between information systems and the globalisation of information have placed extraordinary pressure on the few remaining privacy safeguards. The effect of these developments has been to create surveillance societies that nurture hostile environments for privacy.
- The 2007 rankings show an increasing trend amongst governments to archive data on the geographic, communications and financial records of all their citizens and residents. This trend leads to the conclusion that all citizens, regardless of legal status, are under suspicion.
- The privacy trends have been fueled by the emergence of a profitable surveillance industry dominated by global IT companies and the creation of numerous international treaties that frequently operate outside judicial or democratic processes.
- Despite political shifts in the US Congress, surveillance initiatives in the US continue to expand, affecting visitors and citizens alike.

Comment: If you are wondering where the USA ranks in personal privacy, click the link above. It's not a pretty picture.

Mind / Brain / Consciousness:


brain boosting the modern wayfrom the site: "three ways to increase your Intelligence"
1. Continually expand the scope, source, intensity of the information you receive.
2. Constantly revise your reality maps, and seek new metaphors about the future to understand what's happening now.
3. Develop external networks for increasing intelligence.
In particular, spend all your time with people as smart or smarter than you.

- Timothy Leary, The Intelligence Agents

"Six ways to increase intelligence"
* Increase the diversity of input (varieties of sensory perceptions)
* Increase the diversity of transformations (multiple meanings / interpreations / metaphors)
* Increase the diversity of output (expression / application)
* Improve the conditions of the physical support systems (body, environment)
* Remove or reduce the environmental factors which inhibit intelligence (labels, bureaucracies, etc.)
* Increase the environmental factors which support intelligence
(trust, communities, unpredictability, communication technologies, etc.)

Bureaucracies are designed to reduce intelligence by limiting information (input) and conditioning pre-defined interpretations of value, authority and procedures (transformations) while increasing obedience and efficiency (output). Fixed hierarchies remain fixed through force (or threat of force = terrorism).
Natural hierarchies reflect the intelligence of a system by constantly changing, emerging and dissipating relative to the needs of specific situations.Communities are designed to increase intelligence by presenting new information (input), discussing new perspectives (transformations) and offering new actions and tools for sharing, participating and fellowship (output)."
Bruce Eisner: "This site begins with the question 'Are you smart enough to get smarter?' and tries to furnish some answers – from Leary as well as other sources. In addition to its intelligence increase theme, this is the most constantly updated source of what’s happening on the web with the Leary legend.""

Thanks to Justin Boland for finding this site and pointing out what an elegant and precise presentation it is - just the minimum amount of words to communicate the ideas and inspire you to get on with the actual activity of increasing your intelligence. (~Miqel)

Mysterious events,
trees that paint abstract pictures
The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society

"The Athanasius Kircher Society was chartered to perpetuate the spirit and sensibilities of the late Athanasius Kircher. Our interests extend to the wondrous, the curious, the singular, the esoteric, and the sometimes hazy frontier between the plausible and the implausible — anything that Father Kircher might find inspiring if he were alive today. Records of our proceedings are maintained for the public’s edification.""Athanasius Kircher (sometimes erroneously spelled Kirchner) was a 17th century German Jesuit scholar who published around 40 works, most notably in the fields of oriental studies, geology, and medicine. He made an early study of Egyptian hieroglyphs. One of the first people to observe microbes through a microscope, he was thus ahead of his time in proposing that the plague was caused by an infectious microorganism and in suggesting effective measures to prevent the spread of the disease.
Kircher has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci for his inventiveness and the breadth and depth of his work. A scientific star in his day, towards the end of his life he was eclipsed by the rationalism of René Descartes and others. In the late 20th century, however, the aesthetic qualities of his work again began to be appreciated. One scholar, Edward W. Schmidt, has called him "the last Renaissance man"

Historical and modern oddities. Kinda like the Fortean Times .. but a little less wacky. Quite a cool blog with stories on weird science and unusual discoveries dating back a few centuries. Easy to get pleasantly lost for a few hours in this page. (~Miqel)

alternate human race skullsThe Dolichocephaloids:
Missing Race Of Our Human Family


Evidence outlined below indicates a distinct "race" of people becoming extinct during our Christian era. The "link" this race may represent is not to a pre-human evolutionary lineage, but rather an antediluvian (pre-last ice age) cycle of civilization."

mumified fetus with non-bound enlongated skullPeruvian mystery skulls - not from head bindingEver seen those weird enlongated skulls? Many such skulls have been retrieved in archaeololgical work in South America. Doubtlessly most of these 'deformities' were caused by the practice of head-binding in early age. The child wears a contraption that causes the bones adopt a different shape. However, this author asks if the origin of head binding was to emulate the look of a distinct archaic side-branch of the human species who's heads naturally grew with this enlongated conical shape, resulting in a much larger cranial capacity.
Similar skulls and artistic representation have been found in Egypt and even China. Additionally a few skulls have beem discoevred that show absolutely no signs of deformation by binding and even a mumified unborn infant with a fully enlongated skull. The jawbones, teeth, brow ridges and bone density indicate these non-bound anomolous skulls may have genetic similarities to the Neanderthal race and small groups remained until relatively recent times.

Interesting idea and I personally believe that despite this being from a website with definite religious-based & possibly creationist world-view, there is enough anecdotal evidence presented to inspire further scientific investigation or at least a re-evaluation of the existing data and artifacts, perhaps if the samples are in good shape genetic studies could be done.
~ Miqel

New Visionary Art Gallery
Grant Wallace numerology, unknown system
Grant Wallace - Esoteric Diagrams form the 1920s
I posted a few outstanding images into a gallery on miqel.com from the available works of Grant Wallace. http://www.miqel.com/visionary_art/grant_wallace_visionary_art.html

Can anyone with a scholarly level of understanding of OCCULT NUMEROLOGY, Codes, Occult Terminology and Sacred Geometry recognize any particular contemporary influences in his work? Kaballah? Theosophy? Alchemy?
G:.D:.? Masonic?
None seem to be an exact fit, possibly he was working on genuinely new systems. i'm not competent to fully evaluate it, but write me if you have any answers.

grant wallace - occult visionaryI'm seeing an amazing amount of intellect and inspiration in his numerological/astrological diagrams, but the influences & methods are pretty arcane

He lived in an isolated cabin in the 1920s and produced 100's of Paul Laffoley-esque metaphysical charts and diagrams that languished in an abandoned building for 50 years. It's a miracle they were recovered. Not much is known presently, but more of this work will emerge in the future.
For good prints of these works, check amazon.com for "the end is near" (~Miqel)

EM Health

Damning research findings could spell the end of VeriChip
from the site: "The tumors originated in the tissue surrounding the microchips and often grew to completely surround the devices, the researchers said.
Albrecht first became aware of the microchip-cancer link when she and her "Spychips" co-author, Liz McIntyre, were contacted by a pet owner whose dog had died from a chip-induced tumor. Albrecht then found medical studies showing a causal link between microchip implants and cancer in other animals. Before she brought the research to the AP's attention, the studies had somehow escaped public notice.
A four-month AP investigation turned up additional documents, several of which had been published before VeriChip's parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, sought FDA approval to market the implant for humans. "

Another good reason (other than invasion of privacy) not to get your pet tagged with a chip!.
These inventions are usually pushed through the approval process with insufficient testing to demonstrate they are truly safe. When the time comes where everyone is encouraged to "get chipped" be sure to have copies of these research papers on RFID chips and cancer and find a physcian willing to support your decision not to be chipped. (~Miqel)

***and also ...

Mobile phones 'alter human DNA' - BBC
from the site: "Radio waves from mobile phones do harm body cells and damage DNA, a laboratory study has shown.

cellphone radiation is biologically dangerousBut the European Union-funded Reflex research did not prove such changes were a risk to human health. The mobile phone industry maintains there is no scientific evidence of harmful effects from electromagnetic radiation. (well of course they are gonna say that ... duh! ~miqel)

The four-year Reflex study, co-ordinated by the German research group Verum, studied the effects of radiation on animal and human cells in a laboratory. They found that, after being exposed to electromagnetic fields, the cells showed a significant increase in DNA damage which could not always be repaired by the cell. Damage was also seen in the next generation of cells. Mutated cells are seen as a possible cause of cancer. The study, which has not been published in a journal, also reported other harmful effects on cells."

How many studies like this does it take to "prove" that cell phone frequencies are biologically unhealthy?
This study was not yet published, but plenty of other investigations have shown similar effects. This could be avoided by researching and creating shielding mechanisms for phones, altering placement of antennas, changing the frequency spectrum used, etc..
Grrrr. (~Miqel)


pentagon crash"The Project For Exposure of hidden Institutions"

from the site
"The one thing that I think is important with conspiracy theories, is that they are not based on false assumptions, or on the selective gathering of evidence.
The problem is that this is exactly what has been done with the Pentagon crash. And not just a little, it has been taken to the extreme.
The important Pentagon related questions had already been raised right after 9/11. The thing left to do here is to get testimony from the people who know more about the 9/11 event, while at the same time making sure the truth movement A) gains momentum B) doesn't derail itself into bogus issues.
Although, I have to admit, even after many hours of research over several years, the only conclusion I'm willing to make these days about 9/11 is that nobody really knows what happened."

BRAVO! A 911 truther who is actually willing to ADMIT the truth .. that nobody knows exactly what happened,
and the movement should be about collecting legitimate evidence and not simply pointing fingers based wild on assumptions and selective presentation of data. There has to be some kind of research methodology to get to any real answers, Loose Change is a great example of how easy it is to fool people with a good presentation, chart-topping film - but full of blatant oversimplifications, omissions and easily disproven ideas presented as "fact". This page is about clearing up some prevelant myths & disinfo in the "911 Truth" movement concerning the Pentagon flight 77 and claims that it was a missle of some type and NOT a jet which crashed into the building. Scholary and raitional presentation based on a bit less sensationalistic and speculative examination of the available data. (~Miqel)

damage to building

Howard Hunt confession about JFK murderE. Howard Hunt - Nixon henchman confesses to JFK Murder involvement.
Major Fuckin Story here! from RS: "He was the ultimate keeper of secrets, lurking in the shadows of American history. He toppled banana republics, planned the Bay of Pigs invasion and led the Watergate break-in. Now he would reveal what he'd always kept hidden: who killed JFK"
Main Story
- http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story/13893143/the_last_confessions_of_e_howard_hunt
documentation on who Hunt was and a record of high level involvement in many projects at this link ...
Complete Info on Clandestine Activities from Court Records and Congressional Investigations.

Last Year Rolling Stone was the first to break the story that one of the infamous Watergate burgulary operatives & CIA agent Howard Hunt had made a deathbed confession on tape in an signed statements in 2003 when he was very ill. However he got better and asked his son to put the documents away until after his passing.

Operation 40 members in mexicoLater when he was about to die he gave his son permission to release the information on his role in and foreknowledge of the assasination plot against JFK. His version is much like the other recent revelations .. basically that a covert group (operation 40) set up to invade Cuba turned on Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs incident (a backfired attempt to kill Castro and launch a counter coup in Cuba) and the CIA controlled Cuban exiles in collaboration with members of the Chicago and New Orleans Mob were the ones that planned and carried out the hit.

In this version, much of the cover-up was not due to direct massive conspiracy control, but was a carefully orchestrated self-censoring part of the plan. Oswald was CIA controlled and had been set-up to take the blame, he'd recently traveled to Mexico and spoken with a russian agent skilled in political assasinations. Therefore, Oswald was guranteed to be called a 'lone nut' and gotten rid of quickly, because the military, CIA and Whitehouse didn't want the public perception to be that Kennedy was killed by a russian agent, which could have caused a nuclear war because of deep international tensions at that time. So they guranteed that even agencies not aware of or not participating in the hit would be obliged to not release various crucial details and unwittingly participate in the coverup.

Bonus Links:
Photos of probable CIA Operatives and CIA controlled Cuban exiles in Dealy Plaza on the day of JFK's shooting.
Tons of original archival records and photos of Oswald, operation 40 and CIA anticastro operatives at this link

911 Unsolved Anthrax Attacks - NEW INFO
Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out

all powerful conspiracy?http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/24273
"Francis A. Boyle, an international law expert who worked under the first Bush Administration as a bioweapons advisor in the 1980s, has said that he is convinced the October 2001 anthrax attacks that killed five people were perpetrated and covered up by criminal elements of the U.S. government. The motive: to foment a police state by killing off and intimidating opposition to post-9/11 legislation such as the USA PATRIOT Act and the later Military Commissions Act."

This is one major completely unsolved thread in the 911 narative which really seems to indicate someone in the military industrial biowarfare sector was taking advantage of the 911 chaos to drive up the fear-level even higher and blame it on arab terrorists, specifically Iraq - which we now know had No WMD. Apparently to hasten the public approval of draconian laws and the creation of DHS, etc.
So, who was prepared with the anthrax already generated immediately after 911 (indicating possible foreknowledge of the 911 plot) with a plan to send this stuff out and help incite action against Iraq? I dunno ... but we all know who was pushing to go into Iraq from the first day ... primarily Cheney, Bush, Wolfowitz, Pearle and Rumsfield.


how not to fake stupidityBonus Link: The stupidest 911 truth website i've ever seen!!
Moron thinks the plane crash videos in NYC were faked. Seriously, this is a new low in stupidity.

How NOT to Fake Plane Crash - by Killtown
from Killtown's Blogspot profile info - "Interests: Being a thorn in the side of the New World Order."

My Comment:
Yeah right ... I'm sure the NWO is really worried about your stupid blog and thoroughly uninformed 'analysis' of these videos. You've got 'em on the run man! Jeezus! Fucking morons. Sure there IS a conspiracy ... and it has made a lot of people into dumbasses who will believe virtually anything. UFOs are real too, but most UFO websites seem to focus on the most sensational and unprovable claims - same goes for the majority of 911 truth sites. I'm glad people are so passionate about finding the truth, but just like with the UFO research community, the kooky people involved give the whole movement a bad image and discourage serious scientific or media attention. (~Miqel)

SICK of pointless circular debates about controlled demolitions, missles and fake planes?
Here's one (of the few) websites that is actually well researched and names individuals involved,

Daniel Hopsicker - Venice Fla. and the 911 cover-up

- http://www.madcowprod.com/09062006.html


Heaven's Gate gets a Guru rating of ZERORandom other things

Sarlo's Guru Rating Service
from the site: "There are now almost 1500 teachers/gurus/masters listed. Many more will be coming!
Thanks for new info go to my fellow collectors, and to many visitors and explorers of The Way.

Welcome to Sarlo's Guru Rating Service, a compilation of mostly non-mainstream religious leaders whose mission/job description is basically to help us lift ourselves out of the multiple ruts of misery we find ourselves in as we live our lives. Their methods, quality and authenticity vary tremendously, as do the degree to which they encourage worship of their exalted selves and even their conceptions of our misery. What they have in common (mostly) is a kind of free-standingness, at least a semi-independence from traditional established (organised) religious structures and hierarchies, although of course there is nothing to stop them from setting up their own structures and hierarchies."

Comment: REALLY Fun and useful site for exploring the diversity of religious, spiritual and devotional practices.
Look up your favorite gurus for stories and links. Also provides a rating based on whether the religion or cult members are zombified or relatively happy and healthy.


MP3s of guru SinghAbout 90 hours(!) of MP3 Lectures by Sound Yogi Kirpal Singh


Comment: (BTW - He rates pretty good on the Guru Ranking site above)
Lectures Dating from the 1950s thru 1970s. Audio quality is very good on some,
and moderate to poor on others.
Kirpal was the indian Guru who taught Paul Twitchell, founder of the wimpy new-age group Eckankar, the religion of the Light & Sound of God. Eck is somewhat of a corruption and re-branding of what Kirpal actually taught.

Kirpal's heritage was SHABD(shabda) Yoga or connecting to the Divine Sound-Current through yogic practices.
Note: My Teacher Tisziji (myspace.com/tiszijimunoz) studied with Kirpal briefly in the 1970s and found him to be quite kind and genuine.

DOMA Plates Rosicrucian bookD.O.M.A. Plates, Rosicrucian Documents
reprinted by Manly P. Hall 32dg

"The D.O.M.A. plates form the core of 17th Century Rosicrucian mysticism.
400 years after their creation, Manly P Hall made them available to the public through the Philosophical Research Society in Codex Rosae Crucis.Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized plates."


Comment: Online Rosicrucian book, full set of 27 pages in high resolution!

Agnes Marsland - President of the Grand Orient.
Leader of the Order of the Initiates of Thibet
(antique spelling- mc)

grand orient initiates of tibet (thibet)quoting from the site: "The mission of the sect was to "draw men from the study of material effects which has so far occupied the exclusive attention of scientists, and to direct them to the study of cause, force, vibration, and the unseen." The resulting advancement would "transmute the scientist into a Magus" and lead to contact with the inhabitants of other planets. This sect is an interesting precursor to the various movements and metaphysical groups that are active today.All the centers under the direction of this order have certain definite teachings and methods of development. The basic principles are:
1. The universe is one, therefore, all are united in universal brotherhood.
2. The existence of a supreme Deity.
3. Man is a spiritual being, and as such is responsible for his actions.
Principles of Development
1. The ascendancy of the spiritual man.
2. The development of the individuality or soul nature.
3. The entire submission of the personality, or man of emotion and desires, to the higher nature.
4. The cultivation of the will and its practice in the daily life in harmony with the Divine will.
5. Nonresistance of the law of love.
6. The realization of positive thought force and the rejection of the negative states of fear, doubt, and morbidity.
7. The strict accomplishment of all the duties of the daily life without any thought of reward, leaving the results to the Divine.
8. The order does not teach or indorse [sic] hypnotism, spiritism, or any negative, psychic practices, but teaches and points out their dangers."

I found this after seeing her groups name in Jacques Valee's book, 'The Invisible College'.
Yet ANOTHER small off-branching of Freemasonic and Theosophical (and what would now be called 'new age' ) groups flourishing among the elite in the turn of the last century. All sharing a common fascination with semi-occult rituals, highly speculative ideas on egyptology and atlantis, esoteric & syncretic symbolism, interest in merging occidental and oriental spiritual ideas, and, of course, grand sounding titles such as SUPREME GRAND COUNCIL of the SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL of the 33rd and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry.
Not much is new ... the same hopes and aspirations are expressed in each generation, and each time we get a wee-bit closer to a genuine understanding of the fifth dimensional 'cosmourbanomic'(Laffoley's term) realm.

on a similar topic ....

A:.A:.Crowley's false Fremasonic credentials:

In the 1800 there were dozens (probably more) of small groups claiming illustrious freemasonic status and offering courses in initiation, but which were not considered to be legitimate by the "actual" organization of Masonic lodges. Many of these people believed they belonged to actual 'recognized' masonic lodges and were pissed when they found their masonic status was not recognized by any masons other than the small lodge they joined and paid dues to.

Either by accident or by design it appears that the famously title-hoarding Aliester Crowley fell victim to the same type of scam he later pulled on others. I.E. Selling bogus degrees and initiations claiming not-actually-existent occult heritage. See "The Golden Dawn: A Documentary History" for original GD and OTO documents showing forged names on -original- membership rolls. Private letters betwen Mathers, Crowley, Reuss & others where one learns that their German Illuminati connections were completely fabricated, and thus the very core foundation on which they based all their subsequent authority to invent and sell G:.D:. degrees and titles was purely fictional. Like "Bob" Dobbs ... perfect! Except they didn't let anyone else in on the joke ...

Letter from the 33° Supreme Council of Freemasonry about Crowley's status in the Masonic Order ...

33dr Degree seal
( Seal of the 33rd Degree)

of the Ancient & Accepted Rite

10 Duke Street For England and Wales St. James
and all provinces in the London
United Kingdoms SWN 668
Telephone - (omitted)
Telegrams and Cablegrams
should be addressed to: Our ref:2413

Ill.^. Bro. R. Noone 32~ (address omitted) U.S.A.

Dear and Illustrious Brother Noone,
I acknowledge your letter regarding Crowley and Yarker.

I can only tell you that John Yarker was expelled from this
Order on the 30th November, 1870. From this it would follow
that any degrees purported to be conferred by him were
clandestine and irregular.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Grand Secretary General 33~ A.^.A.^.


2. Text of Clandestine "33rd Degree Patent" which Crowley purchased in 1910, from JOHN YARKER's Degree Mill.


John Yarker Non MasonT. T. G. O. T. S. A. O. T. U.
( Great Seal )
H.R.D.M. R.M.S.H.

From the East of the SUPREME GRAND COUNCIL of the SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL of the 33rd and last degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Freemasonry in and for Great Britan and Ireland under G.L. near the D.B. coresponding to 53', 25" N. Latitude 2', 3" West Meridian of Greenwich.

To all Illustrious, Ineffable and Sublime Freemasons of every degree Around and [unclear] over the surface of the Globe, Greetings:


KNOW YE - That the undersigned Sovereign Grand Inspectors General do hereby certify and proclaim, our Illustrious Brother ALEISTER CROWLEY of *London*,to be an Excellent Master Mason, Secret Master, Royal Master, Intimate Secretary,Provost and Judge,Intendant of the Building,Elect of Nine, Elect of Fifteen, Sublime Knight Elected, Grand Master Archetect, Ancient Master of the Royal Arch, Grand Elect Perfect and Sublime Mason, Knight of the Temple, Prince of Jerusalem, Knight of the East and West, Knight Rose Croix of Heredom, Grand Pontiff, Master ad Vitam, Patriarch Noachite, Prince of Libanus, Chief of the Tabernacle, Prince of the Tabernacle, Knight of the Brazen Serpant, Prince of Mercy, Commander of the Temple, Knight of the Sun, Knight of Saint Andrew, Grand Elect Knight Kadosh, Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander, Prince of the Royal Secret, Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Inspector General of the 33rd and Last Degree.

WE ALSO COMMAND: All the Knights, Princes and Sublime Masons under our Jurisdiction and we pray all other MASONS over the Surface Of The Globe, to Welcome and Honor Him as a SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTOR GENERAL, and to give credit to these LETTERS PATENT, we have caused to be signed in the margin by our said Illustrious Bro. ALEISTER CROWLEY, that they admit no other than himself.

Signed and Delivered by us SOVEREIGN GRAND INSPECTORS GENERAL of The 33rd and Last Degree with the Seal of our said SUPREME COUNCIL
affixed in the Valley of Manchester this 29th day of the 11th month |A.M. 5071 coresponding to the 29th November, A.D. 1910.

| +--------------+ +------------+ |
/S/_________________________ | Ancient &
(SEAL) | {*} John Yarker 33~ Accepted
M.P.S. Gr. Comm. of England | Scottish
Rite (SEAL)
| +--------------+ +------------+ |
(Foil Embossed) (Rubber Stamp)

/S/__________________________ /S/_____________________________
{*} Rich Higham 33~ {*} Edward Yarker 33~
M.W. Chancellor of England W.^.Gr.^. Secretary of England


{*} John Yarker 33~
M.^.P.^.S.^.Gr.^.of Gt. Britan & Ireland

/S/______________________________ /S/__________________________________
{*} Rich Higham 33~ {*} Edward Yarker 33~
M.W. Chancellor of G.^.B.^.& I.^. W.^.Gr.^. Secretary of G.^.B.^.& I.^.


{*} = Cross of Salem - Aleister Crowley -
(Signature on lower margin)


(Letter from Legitimate 33rd Degree Masons continues ...)

The preceeding Masonic patent (called erroniously a diploma, in the illustrations to Crowley's "Confessions" ed. by Symonds & Grant) can be found in the aforesaid book, now out of print. Bear in mind that document #1 (letter to Ill.^.Bro. Noone) the Grand Lodge of England's records show that John Yarker was thrown out of the Masonic Fraternity in 1870. Fourty years later, (1910) we find that he is selling copies of HIS 33rd Degree Patent to anyone he can collect a fee from. This is one reason for the laborious and sloppy printing that can be seen in the original document.

Reuss Costume* NOTES *

We should take note of the following unusual factors:

a. The document has been obviously altered, in several ways.
Upon examination of a reproduction of the original it will be
immediately obvious where these alteration occurs,due to the
fact that where the original was done in beautiful
calligraphic script, the copy which John Yarker altered has
the altered sections done in rather sloppy laborious hand

The major altered section is in the middle of the body of
text, wherin it is impossible to tell what was originally
there, but it was obviously altered to list each and every
one of the 32 degrees of the "Scottish Rite" of Freemasonry.

The obvious reason for this, is that John Yarker's "degree
mill" sold the 33rd degree "patents" to men who did not
possess any of the legitimate degrees of Freemasonry. So to
confir the 33rd (supposed) degree on some unqualified
individual, it was first necessary to make some
rationalization for the problem that the supposed "Mason"
didn't possess the necessary 32nd degree, as well as the
preceeding degrees, including the basic qualification of
being a Master Mason.

So it was a simple matter to alter the certificate to give
the individual all of the necessary qualifying degrees at one
time. We can only guess that John Yarker added an extra fee
for this service.

b. The next thing that a qualified expert on Masonry would
notice is that the "patent" has been signed and the 33rd
degree "Cross of Salem" caligraphed NO LESS THAN six times.
However upon closer examination it is seen that only three
individuals signed the paper, each of them signing it in TWO
different places, with TWO different titles. MOREOVER, one
of the individual signers is one EDWARD YARKER who was, I
believe,a brother of John Yarker.(Or son, this is unclear)

So it becomes more obvious with examination, that the
supposed "SUPREME COUNCIL" was in reality a cottage industry,
wherein the aforementioned John Yarker and his whole family
was involved in the pretended "Masonic Body" which really was
a "Degree Mill" ie., a money-making scheme of the lowest and
most base effort imaginable.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

Grand Secretary General 33~ A.^.A.^.
Supreme Council 33

Funny how they are dissing the sloppy printing of Yarker's Masonic books and documents.
I have a few Masonic books from the 18 & early 1900s and they are ALL meticulously well-produced and carefully designed.
BTW, The letter above is the pissed off 'actual grand masters' discussing the issue,
but Yarker and Crowley are given a slightly more respectful and balanced assessment
in these links from the website of the Freemasonic Grand Lodge of British Columbia.

GD CrossOn Yarker

On Crowley

On "Irregular"(fake or corrupt) and "Clandestine" Masons (not paying dues to or recognized by the unified Grand Lodges.)'
+ Other new-age groups claiming Masonic affiliation.

and an excellently researched and thorough
but rather critical essay on Theodor Reuss

Super massive archive of historical and scholarly research on the G:.D:. and OTO and palz!!!!!
The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon - A Research Project
done by Peter-R. Koenig

Comment on the Koenig Research site and Reuss Essay:
All OTO, G:.D:. and associates interested in the historical source-documented & less mythologized backstory on the social and fraternal scene at the turn of the century in relation to Mathers, Crowley, Reuss etc. should be familiar with this essay. It is based on exhaustive research & presents enough detailed information to be of use in further studies.

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