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FUNKY YETI PRODUCT DISCO Theme - Carmina Burana Adaptation


YETI Giant of the 20th Century (1977)
"one of the greatest bad movies ever made. I saw it at a midnight screening in L.A. and people were roaring and cheering at the insanity - this movie is one of those cinematic trainwrecks where you think it cant get any stranger and THEN IT DOES!"
(from IMDB review)

IT ALSO includes a great YETI DISCO SONG - not just any Disco Song, but a Disco adaptation of the classical piece "Carmina Burana" - also once used at the Tom Servo theme song in MST3K!
- Miqel

NESTED FRACTAL GEARS - Infinite Loop + Tibetan Bells


Recursive zoom on a set of nested rotating fractal gears
... with Tibetan Bell soundtrack added.

Makes a good meditation video.
Industrial Safety FIlm - Graphic Gore, SUPER FUNNY!


'It Only Takes a Second" Industrial Safety Vid

Graphic & campy safety training film. Watch as people get injured while working in factories, driving cars and operating dangerous machinery!

Intended as a serious film, but unintentionally hilarious! Watch out ... ARRRGGHH
It only takes a second to mess yourself up pretty bad ...
clipped from the "FOUND FOOTAGE FEST"
- Miqel

Kingdom of Plastics - An Excursion in Science - 1945


Very cool retro effects and science visualizations in the 1945 promo film for PLASTIC. (just one word; Plastics)

"This early Technicolor presentation, sponsored by General Electric, opens with a group of children playing blindman's bluff. Little Susie is stumped because the object she's trying to guess is not from the animal, vegetable or mineral kindoms, but her dad (an engineer) soon sets her straight.

It's from the "fourth kingdom," he explains -- the kingdom of plastics. After reviewing the role of thermoplastic and thermosetting compounds in history and World War II, this film ends on a note of postwar positivism, as the narrator speculates about plastic fabrics, shoes-of-the-future, and other man-made wonders of the world of tomorrow. A period piece."
(from Prelinger Archives review)

Match Your Mood Appliance Colors - Psychedelic 1960s



Promotional film for Westinghouse refrigerator line featuring a system of sticker-like decorations enabling purchasers to style their appliances as they choose. Vague hippie-type flower-power graphics; scenes of mod-dressed middle-class conventional people

"the twitchy woman first wallpapers her wall, then wallpapers the fridge! How's she going to find the fridge now that it blends in with the kitchen background?? About 3 people "partying" dancing around the fridge in a wierd ritualistic way...Ah, the 60's...refridgerators are for kicks, man!!"
(from Prelinger Archives review)

"Not a microsecond addresses the function of a fridge: keeping food cold. Aside from the opening outdoor scene and a second or two of (presumably alcoholic) beverages, nothing cold appears. Yeah, it's all hot, baby! Like all modern advertising, it's not about what the product does, but how it makes you feel. And you should be feeling groovy!" (from Prelinger Archives review)
LIVING STEREO - animated POV ride thu a record groove


LIVING STEREO - Informative 1958 Retro Video on Stereo Tech
Ken Smith sez:
" RCA Victor introduces "a miracle" -- the Orthophonic, high-fidelity, home stereo. Bob Banks, an RCA executive, hosts this film. Best scene: An animated POV ride through a stereo record groove.
Bob Banks, marketing manager of radios and Victrola division narrates the new features of the "living stereo" stylus and record album grooves.
Victrolas, static shots of victrolas to demonstrate left and right-hand section of orchestra predominating creating fullness of "living stereo".
Announcer in stereo showroom talks to camera. CU stereo consoles. Explanation of stereo as new invention.
- Graphics showing scientific principles of sound recordings.
- CU tone arm and stylus on turning record
- Couple listening to stereo very attentively in stage set living room.
- Montage of RCA console stereo record players
- Good shot records on turntable. Graphic.
- Great shot of trip through a record groove from point of view of stylus. Animated."
Painful Testicular Cat Attack on Live TV Ouch!


Animal shelter video from live TV news.

Man gets his balls attacked by an ANGRY cat!!!
don't adpot this kitty!
Then a short clip of a dog annoying a TV reporter.


Mysterious Good Hamburgers & Piece of Pie


A Million Miles From Nowhere ...

Romance, Suspense and Intrigue Erupt During A Recursive Time-Loop Focused On Coffee, Good Burgers and a Mysterious Piece of Pie. ...

"How About A hamburger, we got good hamburgers?
Shut Up! ... i'm Listening For Something"

Woman As Consumer - Gender Roles 1967


"Hilarious and stylized female stereotypes:
This short film is an over-produced commercial in search of a product. A single actress plays out silly vigniettes of womanhood (cooking, motherhood, being a secretary, falling in love) against a minimal soundstage set of solid-color backdrops. The actress hams shamelessly while the male narrator announces each stereotype in a booming "announcer voice". If this were a late-night commercial it would be legendary, but because there is apparently no specific product it becomes a strange, highly iconic yet meaningless string of short skits. Production quality is unjustifiably high (like most of the Handy Jam films) adding a surrealist touch to this campy gem."

(from Prelinger Archives review)

YETI: Giant of the 20th Century Part 1 of 10


YETI "one of the greatest bad movies ever made.
I saw it at a midnight screening in L.A. and people were roaring and cheering at the insanity - this movie is one of those cinematic trainwrecks where you think it cant get any stranger and THEN IT DOES! The millionaire who funds the project to thaw the Yeti looks like Chris Penn and John Goodman both poured into an ill-fitting suit - the guy playing the scientist is one of the worst actors to ever appear on screen - and yes, there is a mute boy (who sorta kinda looks like a girl) and he's mute ever since he survived a plane crash that killed both his parents (hmmm- maybe therapy for the kid??). Then this hottie Italian girl is seen by Yeti (once he thaws - which takes FOREVER) -- and he is instantly in love with her - what is one of the most hysterical things about the movie is that this giant Yeti makes "bedroom eyes" at her - it's like a large Barry White trying to seduce a groupie. In fact, once the large Yeti picks up the hottie and has her against his chest - she accidentally touches the Yeti's nipple and yes, the film takes the time to show his large grey nipple GET HARD!!!! Yikes of all YIKES! Plus there's a collie dog in it because the Italian producer must have heard that American audiences like dogs and he sorta kinda tried to get a Lassie - there's also this insane scene where the Yeti eats a giant fish - keeps the large fishbone and uses it to comb the Italian girl's hair "Gee, thanks Yeti - now my hair is smooth and smells like dead trout. You're the best." This film is more bizarre than something Ed Wood could have ever dreamt up. If you are a fan of classic cinema crap - seek this baby out.
(- this review from IMDB sums it up better than i could .. the nipple tweak scene is a bizarre cinematic gem. ALSO includes a great YETI DISCO SONG - not just any Disco Song, but a Disco adaptation of the classical piece "Carmina Burana"! - Miqel)


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