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miqel.com 2007 VIDEO COLLECTION

January 2008:

YouTube "Nuwabu / Miqel.com" Channel Explodes then Gets Axed by Rival Religious Fanatic!
Gold-digger Melissa Scott attacks SubGenius YouTube Channel
I put many many hours into that page ... ugh

(WAS) Hovering at #50th most-viewed (All-time) in the 'Guru' Category for the last 5 months!
Over 3.5 million video views,
35,000 profile views and 700 subscribers in just one year,
200,000 comments, with ZERO Advertising or hype!

Killed by a (C) complaint from Melissa Scott ministries

widow of rogue preacher Dr. Gene Scott.
new channel will be up soon!

The Death of my youtube channel even earned an honorary mention (MP3 Clip) on the PUZZLING EVIDENCE show

You can listen anytime on KPFA (the longest running Subgenius radio show, featuring Overman Philo Drummond and the man who shot "Bob", Puzzling Evidence. amazing "show" within a show fractal radio ... check it out - http://www.quiveringbrain.com)
Possibly the BEST Bollywood Dance number EVER!!

2 comments from viewers clarifying WTF this is from!

"this clip is from the movie "Ellam Inba Mayam",
which came out in 1982. hope this helps."


"The song is from the 1981 Kollywood Movie "Solla Solla Enna Perumai"

Anyhow, I found it on WFMU & I want to get the full movie and a better clip of this .. the music is cool too, in a funny kinda way.


Plate-Spinning Disco Chipmunk Song

-yep ... that's right. A Plate Spinning Disco Chipmunk Song
- can anyone translate?

Update: Got a rough translation .. and it's golden!!

Thanks to perchatek from YouTube!

"jajja i can translate. but it speaks about the spinning disc only.
it says that "a grat wizard from east"
tought him a great secret, the super chinese disc...
it's the thing that shines in the top of a stik,
its a bird its aplane its a satelite..
its the super chinese disc...

and so it goes on about the spinning disc..
kind of silly but it is very funny to hear!
loved it."


Country Contortion Troupe - "Potato Salad"


"May I present the mysterious Ross Sisters -
Aggie, Maggie and Elmira -
in footage from the 1944 MGM musical Broadway Rhythm.

As it was described on Metafilter,
it's Hee-Haw meets Cirque du Soleil!

Stay tuned for their amazing triple cartwheel finale - Never before has the human body been twisted into such extraordinary positions in service to the American Potato Salad Industry."


"Ghost World's" Bollywood Hit - Jan Pehechan-Ho

From WFMU's Blog:
" Back in the 1980's when WFMU had its public access TV show that Mark Rudolph put together, one of my favorite bits was the dance number clip from the 1966 Indian film Gumnaam. Masked dancers bug out and go completely apeshit to a totally high-energy, mutated surf number "Jan Pehechan-Ho" performed by Bollywood music legend Mohammed Rafi (though, as Michael Cudahy once pointed out to me, the band's drumkit in the film wields the name "Ted Lyons and His Cubs"). Eventually Terry Zwigoff used this song in his film Ghost World, where his counter-culture-immersed heroine Enid kicks off the flick by mirroring the film's dancers while watching the clip on TV. The song appeared in whole on the soundtrack"


Hannes Coetzee - Teaspoon Slide Guitar in South Africa


Just found more info on where this clip is from:

"Karoo Kitaar Blues follows South African songwriter David Kramer and slide guitarist Hannes Coetzee into remote regions of South Africa on their quest to find musicians who play an almost forgotten folk music."

Hannes Coetzee will be playing at the Port Townsend Slide and Steel Festival, June 28 and June 30, in Port Townsend, Washington. It'll be his first-ever trip outside South Africa.
Thanks to the response from the vid The Teaspoon Slide player has a MYSPACE page now!!! This is very very cool! Learn more about the man and his music (and the spoon!) Thanks everyone for bringing such kind recognition to this unique and soulful guitarist, Mr. Hannes Coetzee from South Africa.

YouTube Honors for This Video:
810,000 total views
#64 - Top Rated (All Time) - Music - All
#95 - Recently Featured - Music - All

Sites Linking to This Video:

13024 clicks from http://www.isnichwahr.de/media24721.html
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1703 clicks from http://kolyan.net/2007/04/19/master_gitary.html
1246 clicks from http://amazingstufftome.blogspot.com/2007/03/teaspoo...
449 clicks from http://www.klippikino.fi/


The Holy Reverend Gene Scott - the ORIGINAL Cussin' Preacher & Rogue Subgenius

The Original Cussin' Preacher!!
Rotten.com has a pretty good bio on the doctor that includes some classic quotes:
"A skinflint may get to Heaven, but what awaits him are a rusty old halo, a skinny old cloud, and a robe so worn it scratches. First-class salvation costs money."
"I want 300 people to give $1,000 by June 30 to humiliate Satan's efforts to destroy us," Dr. Scott commanded in a Web site missive. "I also want 700 to commit to $10,000 by Christmas. I've been trying to lighten the staff load for five years! I won't take responsibility for things I have no assurance I'll ever see!"

Dr. Scott railed against the FCC, told jokes, played the saxophone and showed off video footage of him sitting poolside with bikini clad women along with his horses. His program was broadcast in eight languages and in 180 countries. He broadcast 24 hours a day throughout the world and more recently had set up a live internet stream.



Rev. Gene Scott VS. The Federal Communications Commision (FCC)

"The Original Cussin' Preacher!!
Dr. Scott spends(spent) weeks and months at a time on marvelously conspiratorial topics: the Pyramids, Atlantis, Roswell UFO's, Stonehenge, the Amityville poltergeists - even the Philadelphia Experiment.

He's unpredictable, entertaining, ridiculous and brilliantly inspired. There he is again: puffing a cigar, harassing a visibly shaken staff, delivering hateful missives against the FCC.

He's the Bill Hicks of adult preachers, cracking jokes with impeccable timing and delivery. Everything about him is immaculately watchable, and there's no denying he's smart and fuckin' funny. His tight, thin-lipped sneer and shocking blue eyes make you wonder if you personally aren't his next target.
During Sunday sermons, Scott admonishes his congregation not to seek God's blessing from a priest, the Pope or a place of worship. "And you'resure not going to get it from a motel with Jimmy Swaggart," he cracks."


Knuckles The Dog Who Helps People - Cover of Killdozer, sung by Bill Mac, DJ at WFMU

http://www.wfmu.org - the best radio station on the planet!

Bill Mac & the Hoof&Mouth Symphonia singing Killdozer's
"Knuckles The Dog Who Helps People"

A touching song about a good dog killed
by the 'deadly gangster frankenstein computer-god ' conspiracy.

This was at the end of the WFMU 2007 fundraising marathon


More Videos Soon ...
or watch them ALL HERE:
Killed By Youtube / Melissa Scott /Ministries

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