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Strange MP3's ~ a personal fascination with inexplicable recordings

MP3 SAMPLES - MORE to come SOON!!!!!!!! 
Do me a favor, If you listen repeatedly:
Right Click the links and "save Target" to dwnld the MP3 to your hard drive.
That way i can keep my streaming Cost$ Down & keep the site up

On a Sea Cruise Ray and His Musical Family - this is possibly the worst rap album ever produced. You see, Ray works on a cruise ship and "raps" about getting laid on cruises. Backed up my micky, Liz and Jesus its an early Rap freakout Circa 1986 !!!! Rockin!!

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The Lyrics ARE STUNNNIING! Anyone Care to Transcribe Them & send a .TXT?
Certainly one of the Most Insane Childrens Records ever made. Need Proof? OK Here Ya Go. Download Em!

Ali_cryptic themesong.mp3


Ali get yo' toothbrush.mp3

Ali_crying in thestreets.mp3
My Favorite Of the Whole Collection!
Stand on a Square.mp3

Now im Happy.mp3

Mad - Sad - Growing.mp3


Follow The Leader.mp3 -
Part 2.mp3
Reprise of follow the Leader.mp3
Dreamy Looking Insurance
Hard-Sell Album. Elba Systems

Attitudes and Habits

Income Dollars / Earning Power
Whitten Jr. high Stage Band 1978 - Crankin' Out the Hits!!! Yeah ...
"Star wars"
"Stayin Alive" and
By some FUNKY inner city Jr Hi kids in Jackson Mississippi. The drummer is awesome!
ELi Kaniel - Sings for you
Yiddish Crooner renders ancient and modern hits in a goofy but disarming way. Autographed Copy!
his version of
"the Impossible Dream"
Mexia State School Sunshine singers HELLO WORLD

Mentally challenged singers and musicians of the Mexia state school.
A fine album which has a 'free jazz' feel at times. the featured singer & guitarist has a strange 1/2 yodeling approach all his own.

MP3 Samples
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
and He's not just a Soldier
"BOB" The Guitar Man - Anon
from a cassette demo intended for Johnny Cash - 1987. Discovered by my Dad and saved because it was
"too bad to throw out"

is it possible this song
is about the legendary
J.R." Bob" dobbs?
OUCH. I DARE anyone to download & listen to this track 5 times in a row.

it is practically impossible. try it, i dare you. a horrible chipmunk voice song that is

suitable for sound torture.

From a promotional LP for Realistic Brand CB products. Includes "trucker talk" primer

Your humble curator, having a moment with a guitar, a casio and a rolad delay amp,
about 11 years ago ...

guitar with the left hand and knob-twiddling with the right hand or my toes(!) ya'know, casio makes anything into "Art"


23 kids ages 3 to 20 doing Horrible karaoke over low-budget jingles in a now abandoned mall in Nashville.

Maybe they'd be stars if *ANY* contact info was given on the double LP. note the bad warble on the backing track for king of the road!!
We are the World -
King of the road (age 3!)

OH NO, not more chipmunks ...

This time its a christianized version of "alvin" but he's a Hamster. Not half as annoying as 'Squirley' above though.


Listed Prices reflect the dollar value it would take for me to give up these prized curiosities.
If you simply can't live without one of these LP's - I will be glad to sell, But only at the listed price.
No price negotiation is possible - any attempt to negotiate will result in an instant 25% price increase.

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