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~In the Early 1990's I was in a regular habit of cruising the Thrift-stores of my hometown in Mississippi.
At some point i was sifting through the used record bin and came across "Geraldine and Ricky" staring up at me in BOLD COLOR. This record was pricelessly bizarre ... and i thought "this will never, EVER make it to CD, this could be the last existing copy and it might just end up in a landfill. That is too tragic to contemplate" So I started purchasing these doomed LPs that had some value to me, an interesting cover, an obscure artist or some element of human sincerity so absent in today's "mainstream" mega-marketed music.

Much later I finally discovered WFMU freeform radio and the wonderful show "Incorrect Music".
Finally I knew this was not just a lone obsession. I was pleased to discover there are thousands of other music lovers who collect and cherish this type of material. For those fellow brothers & sisters of the "thrift store record illuminati" Here are some of my personal favorites (mostly discovered in the tennessee/mississippi/alabama area) MP3 samples are included with some of the more amazing discoveries.

Set 1
Total Obscurity
Set 2
Darn Strange &
Cool Covers

Set 3
Set 4

Set 5
Hard to Classify

Set 6
Children's Records

Set 7
More Christian
and Religious

Set 8
Yet More
and Religious

Set 9: Mp3 Library Page
Do me a favor,
If you listen repeatedly:

Right Click the links and "save Target" to dwnld
the MP3 to your hard drive. That way i can keep my streaming Cost$ Down & keep the site up.
Set 10
Another gallery of
Christian and

Set 11
more miscellaneous
cool records

Listed Prices reflect the dollar value it would take for me to give up these prized curiosities.
If you simply can't live without one of these LP's - I will be glad to sell, But only at the listed price.
No price negotiation is possible - any attempt to negotiate will result in an instant 25% price increase.

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Strange_Records Index

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