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Page 6 :
MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000), The Daily Show & Colbert Report, Mr. Show, Cheesy 1970s Sci-Fi, etc.
yeah, I actually hate most television 'programs', but a few have really made me laugh or think ...


The Comedic Alchemy of Transforming Sh#t into Gold!

Today TV is fairly diverse and most of us have access to a WEALTH of media by way of Youtube, Google video, etc. BUT back in the 'Olden Days' of 1989 there were not many choices and voluntary censorship kept many important but controversial topics off the airwaves ...

but Mystery Science Theater 3000 came in under the radar and broke all the boundaries as a unique mix of comedy, film critique, puppetry,
social commentary, philosophical inquiry, toilet humor, transdisciplinary thinking, kitsch, dada, high art and tripped-out stoner weirdness ... making it an instant hit across a very broad demographic range, it was possibly the first post-post-modernist show to gain mass appeal.

On the MST3KInfo.com site, in a forum discussion about the shows 20th anniversary Matthew Redwine notes:
"No other show in history has had the range of cultural reference that MST3K had. Reaching far and wide into the realms of pop culture, politics, radio, sports, art, theatre, and television, this “cowtown puppet show was a testament to the extent that the human mind can recall and associate images, concepts and ideas in a virtuosic array of comedic fantasy. This was done years before the internet was a household tool. It is proof that humans could obtain and wield an encyclopedic knowledge of their own reality without the aid of the instant gratification of cyberspace."

The format seems simple enough, just a puppet show with people & robots making fun of Bad Movies, but it's SO much more than that! The show is pure genius!

It ran for one season on KTMA, seven seasons on Comedy Channel, and three on Sci-Fi Channel before some REALLY DUMB marketing consultants decided to pull the plug. MST3K ran 10 years and despite cast & network changes it never 'jumped the shark'.

It has a great shelf-life too.
Now that torrents are available of the episodes not re-released ( including the long-lost pre-cable TV 'season zero' on local station KTMA in Minneapolis) i've been catching up on missed episodes and IT'S JUST AS FUNNY, OR MORE FUNNY THAN EVER! Also with around 150 episodes a.k.a. 150 full-length movies .. there's a lot of enjoy without getting bored. It's the best TV show ever (even listed on TIME Magazine's list of "
The 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME")

*NOTE: Download and watch the torrents, but also BUY the commercially available episodes released by Rhino and now being
re-released by SHOUT Factory. A percentage of the money actually goes to BEST BRAINS INC. and the original MST3K crew.

mst3k short segmentForrester, Frank, as Crow and Servo

MST3K - the best show everTv's FRANK and Clayton Forrester



Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett & Kevin Murphy have created RIFFTRAX
(mst3k style downloadable commentary tracks for 100s of movies & shorts)
Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu , Frank Conniff, Mary-Jo Pehl & Josh Weinstein
have just launched CINEMATIC TITANIC
(in the tradition of MST3K)

We are now officially in the Golden Era of movie-riffing.
LONG LIVE MST3K and it's Spinoff Projects!
Fans can catch up on the latest about the classic show and the new ones
the ultimate resource for long-time fans and newbies alike - MST3KINFO.com

Google Video has the entire episodes
featuring the films "SPACE MUTINY" & "MASTER NINJA 1" online for free viewing!

So sit back, smoke your wacky LSD pills or whatever floats your boat and get ready to laugh your ass off!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 : Season 8 Episode 20 - 'SPACE MUTINY'
(click button to right of volume to view full-screen)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 : Season 3 Episode 22 - 'MASTER NINJA 1'
(click button to right of volume to view full-screen)

Complete List of Movies Featured on MST3K
MST3K - K04 - Gamera Vs. Barugon.avi
MST3K - K05 - Gamera.avi
MST3K - K06 - Gamera Vs. Gaos.avi
MST3K - K07 - Gamera Vs. Zigra.avi
MST3K - K08 - Gamera Vs. Guiron.avi
MST3K - K09 - Phase IV.avi
MST3K - K10 - Cosmic Princess.avi
MST3K - K11 - Humanoid Woman.avi
MST3K - K12 - Fugitive Alien.avi
MST3K - K13 - SST Death Flight.avi
MST3K - K14 - Mighty Jack.avi
MST3K - K15 - Superdome.avi
MST3K - K16 - City On Fire.avi
MST3K - K17 - Time of the Apes.avi
MST3K - K18 - The Million Eyes of Su-Muru.avi
MST3K - K19 - Hangar 18.avi
MST3K - K20 - The Last Chase.avi
MST3K - K21 - Legend of the Dinosaur.avi

MST3K - S01E01 - The Crawling Eye.avi
MST3K - S01E02 - The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy.avi
MST3K - S01E03 - Mad Monster.avi
MST3K - S01E04 - Women of the Prehistoric Planet.avi
MST3K - S01E05 - The Corpse Vanishes.avi
MST3K - S01E06 - The Crawling Hand.avi
MST3K - S01E07 - Robot Monster.avi
MST3K - S01E08 - The Slime People.avi
MST3K - S01E09 - Project Moonbase.avi
MST3K - S01E10 - Robot Holocaust.avi
MST3K - S01E11 - Moon Zero Two.avi
MST3K - S01E12 - Untamed Youth.avi
MST3K - S01E13 - The Black Scorpion.avi
MST3K - S02E01 - Rocketship X-M.avi
MST3K - S02E02 - Sidehackers.avi
MST3K - S02E03 - Jungle Goddess.avi
MST3K - S02E04 - Catalina Caper.avi
MST3K - S02E05 - Rocket Attack USA.avi
MST3K - S02E06 - Ring of Terror.avi
MST3K - S02E07 - Wild Rebels.avi
MST3K - S02E08 - Lost Continent.avi
MST3K - S02E09 - The Hellcats.avi
MST3K - S02E10 - King Dinosaur.avi
MST3K - S02E11 - First Spaceship On Venus.avi
MST3K - S02E12 - Godzilla vs. Megalon.avi
MST3K - S02E13 - Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster.avi
MST3K - S03E01 - Cave Dwellers.avi
MST3K - S03E02 - Gamera.avi
MST3K - S03E03 - Pod People.avi
MST3K - S03E04 - Gamera vs. Barugon.avi
MST3K - S03E05 - Stranded in Space.avi
MST3K - S03E06 - Time Of The Apes.avi
MST3K - S03E07 - Daddy-O.avi
MST3K - S03E08 - Gamera vs. Gaos.avi
MST3K - S03E09 - The Amazing Colossal Man.avi
MST3K - S03E10 - Fugitive Alien.avi
MST3K - S03E11 - It Conquered the World.avi
MST3K - S03E12 - Gamera Vs. Guiron.avi
MST3K - S03E13 - Earth Vs. The Spider.avi
MST3K - S03E14 - Mighty Jack.avi
MST3K - S03E15 - Teenage Caveman.avi
MST3K - S03E16 - Gamera Vs. Zigra.avi
MST3K - S03E17 - Viking Women and the Sea Serpent.avi
MST3K - S03E18 - Star Force (Fugitive Alien 2).avi
MST3K - S03E19 - War of the Colossal Beast.avi
MST3K - S03E20 - The Unearthly.avi
MST3K - S03E21 - Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.avi
MST3K - S03E22 - Master Ninja I.avi
MST3K - S03E23 - The Castle of Fu-Manchu.avi
MST3K - S03E24 - Master Ninja II.avi
MST3K - S04E01 - Space Travelers.avi
MST3K - S04E02 - The Giant Gila Monster.avi
MST3K - S04E03 - City Limits.avi
MST3K - S04E04 - Teenagers From Outer Space.avi
MST3K - S04E05 - Being From Another Planet.avi
MST3K - S04E06 - Attack Of The Giant Leeches.avi
MST3K - S04E07 - The Killer Shrews.avi
MST3K - S04E08 - Hercules Unchained.avi
MST3K - S04E09 - The Indestructible Man.avi
MST3K - S04E10 - Hercules Against The Moon Men.avi
MST3K - S04E11 - The Magic Sword.avi
MST3K - S04E12 - Hercules And The Captive Women.avi
MST3K - S04E13 - Manhunt In Space.avi
MST3K - S04E14 - Tormented.avi
MST3K - S04E15 - The Beatniks.avi
MST3K - S04E16 - Fire Maidens Of Outer Space.avi
MST3K - S04E17 - Crash of the Moons.avi
MST3K - S04E18 - Attack of the The Eye Creatures.avi
MST3K - S04E19 - The Rebel Set.avi
MST3K - S04E20 - The Human Duplicators.avi
MST3K - S04E21 - Monster A-Go-Go.avi
MST3K - S04E22 - The Day The Earth Froze.avi
MST3K - S04E23 - Bride of the Monster.avi
MST3K - S04E24 - Manos the Hands of Fate.avi
MST3K - S05E01 - Warrior of the Lost World.avi
MST3K - S05E02 - Hercules.avi
MST3K - S05E03 - Swamp Diamonds.avi
MST3K - S05E04 - Secret Agent Super Dragon.avi
MST3K - S05E05 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad.avi

MST3K - S05E06 - Eegah!.avi
MST3K - S05E07 - I Accuse My Parents.avi
MST3K - S05E08 - Operation Double 007.avi
MST3K - S05E09 - The Girl In Lovers Lane.avi
MST3K - S05E10 - The Painted Hills.avi
MST3K - S05E11 - The Gunslinger.avi
MST3K - S05E12 - Mitchell.avi
MST3K - S05E13 - The Brain That Wouldn\'t Die.avi
MST3K - S05E14 - Teenage Strangler.avi
MST3K - S05E15 - The Wild, Wild World Of Batwoman.avi
MST3K - S05E16 - Alien From LA.avi
MST3K - S05E17 - Beginning Of The End.avi
MST3K - S05E18 - The Atomic Brain.avi
MST3K - S05E19 - Outlaw.avi
MST3K - S05E20 - Radar Secret Service.avi
MST3K - S05E21 - Santa Claus.avi
MST3K - S05E22 - Teenage Crime Wave.avi
MST3K - S05E23 - Village of the Giants.avi
MST3K - S05E24 - 12 To the Moon.avi
MST3K - S06E01 - Girls Town.avi
MST3K - S06E02 - Invasion USA.avi
MST3K - S06E03 - The Dead Talk Back.avi
MST3K - S06E04 - Zombie Nightmare.avi
MST3K - S06E05 - Colossus And The Headhunters.avi
MST3K - S06E06 - The Creeping Terror.avi
MST3K - S06E07 - Bloodlust.avi
MST3K - S06E08 - Code Name Diamond Head.avi
MST3K - S06E09 - The Skydivers.avi
MST3K - S06E10 - The Violent Years.avi
MST3K - S06E11 - Last of the Wild Horses.avi
MST3K - S06E12 - The Starfighters.avi
MST3K - S06E13 - The Sinister Urge.avi
MST3K - S06E14 - San Francisco International.avi
MST3K - S06E15 - Kitten With a Whip.avi
MST3K - S06E16 - Racket Girls.avi
MST3K - S06E17 - The Sword and the Dragon.avi
MST3K - S06E18 - High School Big Shot.avi
MST3K - S06E19 - Red Zone Cuba.avi
MST3K - S06E20 - Danger! Death Ray.avi
MST3K - S06E21 - Beast Of Yucca Flats.avi
MST3K - S06E22 - Angels Revenge.avi
MST3K - S06E23 - The Amazing Transparent Man.avi
MST3K - S06E24 - Samson vs. The Vampire Women.avi
MST3K - S07E01 - Night Of The Blood Beast.avi
MST3K - S07E02 - The Brute Man.avi
MST3K - S07E03 - Deathstalker and the Warriors From Hell.avi
MST3K - S07E04 - The Incredible Melting Man.avi
MST3K - S07E05 - Escape 2000.avi
MST3K - S07E06 - Laserblast.avi

MST3K - S08E01 - Revenge of the Creature.avi
MST3K - S08E02 - The Leech Woman.avi
MST3K - S08E03 - The Mole People.avi
MST3K - S08E04 - The Deadly Mantis.avi
MST3K - S08E05 - The Thing That Couldn\'t Die.avi
MST3K - S08E06 - The Undead.avi
MST3K - S08E07 - Terror From The Year 5000.avi
MST3K - S08E08 - The She-Creature.avi
MST3K - S08E09 - I Was a Teenage Werewolf.avi
MST3K - S08E10 - The Giant Spider Invasion.avi
MST3K - S08E11 - Parts The Clonus Horror.avi
MST3K - S08E12 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures....avi
MST3K - S08E13 - Jack Frost.avi
MST3K - S08E14 - Riding With Death.avi
MST3K - S08E15 - Agent For H.A.R.M.avi
MST3K - S08E16 - Prince Of Space.avi
MST3K - S08E17 - Horror of Party Beach.avi
MST3K - S08E18 - Devil Doll.avi
MST3K - S08E19 - Invasion of the Neptune Men.avi
MST3K - S08E20 - Space Mutiny.avi
MST3K - S08E21 - Time Chasers.avi
MST3K - S08E22 - Overdrawn At the Memory Bank.avi
MST3K - S09E01 - The Projected Man.avi
MST3K - S09E02 - The Phantom Planet.avi
MST3K - S09E03 - Puma Man.avi
MST3K - S09E04 - Werewolf.avi
MST3K - S09E05 - The Deadly Bees.avi
MST3K - S09E06 - The Space Children.avi
MST3K - S09E07 - Hobgoblins.avi
MST3K - S09E08 - The Touch Of Satan.avi
MST3K - S09E09 - Gorgo.avi
MST3K - S09E10 - The Final Sacrifice.avi
MST3K - S09E11 - Devil Fish.avi
MST3K - S09E12 - The Screaming Skull.avi
MST3K - S09E13 - Quest Of The Delta Knights.avi
MST3K - S10E01 - Soultaker.avi
MST3K - S10E02 - Girl in Gold Boots.avi
MST3K - S10E03 - Merlin\'s Shop Of Mystical Wonders.avi
MST3K - S10E04 - Future War.avi
MST3K - S10E05 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z.avi
MST3K - S10E06 - Boggy Creek II.avi
MST3K - S10E07 - Track Of The Moon Beast.avi
MST3K - S10E08 - Final Justice.avi
MST3K - S10E09 - Hamlet.avi
MST3K - S10E10 - It Lives By Night.avi
MST3K - S10E11 - The Horrors of Spider Island.avi
MST3K - S10E12 - Squirm.avi
MST3K - S10E13 - Diabolik.avi

DR. WHO came on PBS when I was a kid.
The special effects were laughable, but the stories were consistently good. Plus it was about one of my favorite topics,
Time and Dimensional Travel. The concept of the time-machine TARDIS call-box being endlessly large on the inside was the coolest thing ever.
I read about science and relativity at a young age, so the stories were very engaging. I pretty much quit watching after Tom Baker left the show ...
because for me, he was the essence of the character. Perfect casting for a slightly eccentric Time-Lord.

Dr. WHO - the DALEKS

Inside the TARDIS

Trailer Park Boys: Totally Funny - Pure Genius!

Trailer Park Boys - Julian, Bubbles & Ricky

"Trailer Park Boys is an absolute nightmare for every religious and politically-correct prude who tries to tell people what they can or can't watch on television: its characters curse like sailors, smoke marijuana constantly, drink alcohol in every scene, engage in petty theft and other crimes without remorse, are often promiscuous, thwart the law, smoke cigarettes one after the other, and otherwise live lives of debasement and barbarism. Of course, we love them for it.

Trailer Park Boys concerns the adventures of a small group of Canadian rednecks who live within the confines of Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The premise of the series is that it is a documentary, following around the main character of Julian and his various friends and hangers-on as they go about their daily routine. Julian and best friends Ricky and Bubbles tend to move between one get-rich-quick scheme and another, usually involving fraud, petty theft, or marijuana, and frequently end up in jail at the end of every season, only to be released at the beginning of the next season. The boys think nothing of drinking while driving or pulling a handgun to resolve a dispute.

All of this may sound grim, but it actually makes TPB one of the funniest television shows in history. Not everyone would enjoy it, of course - the boys say "Fuck!" about every two minutes of screentime on average, and much of the humor really does revolve around the pathetic lives of these weak-willed losers. But beneath it all, they're basically lovable characters who are simply trying to make their way in the world. There's something within the guys that makes us want to root for them and see them succeed; if nothing else, they are underdogs in a world where society's norms - and, indeed, the rule of law - are things to be mocked and circumvented.

Julian is the basic alpha-male of the immediate group. Handsome and sporting a Satanic Van Dyke beard, he's never seen without a drink in his hand (even while climbing out of a car accident). Julian is actually more intelligent than his companions, but has little ambition, and will usually become sucked back into their zany schemes even when he tries to escape long enough to lead a normal life. Fiercely loyal to his friends, he exhibits a genuine love of Bubbles, and even allowed himself to be arrested just so that Ricky wouldn't have to go back to jail alone.

Ricky is the more obvious bad boy of the group, slightly younger than Julian and sporting long sideburns and a pompadour. Ricky isn't terribly bright - which he will be the first to admit - but he definitely possesses the sorts of skills needed to survive in his world. He can grow amazing marijuana plants, if left alone to cultivate them; and he has the uncanny knack of being able to talk his way out of confrontations with the police, even when caught red-handed (well, most of the time, anyway). He's loyal to Julian and Bubbles, as well as his father Ray and daughter Trinity, even though he's not above exploiting them now and then if the situation warrants it.

Bubbles has practically become the main protagonist of the show. He's a simple, lovable goofball with seriously messed-up eyes who asks for nothing more in life than to be allowed to live quietly in his shed with his kitties and occasionally some drink and smoke. Abandoned by his parents in childhood, Bubbles is probably the least socially adapted of the main trio, but on the other hand he doesn't seek to engage in petty crimes to keep up his lifestyle. Bubbles reclaims 'abandoned' shopping carts and resells them to the local supermarkets (failing to mention he's the one who'd thrown them into the ravine in the first place), primarily to buy food for the stray cats he adopts and cares for. Bubbles exhibits an almost childlike love for Julian and Ricky, and is often the moral voice that persuades them to abandon some of their more heinous schemes.

Jim Lahey is the on-again, off-again supervisor of Sunnyvale; an ex-cop, he was married to Barbara Lahey, who for four seasons owned the Trailer Park. He's currently an alcoholic. He is assisted by Randy, a cheeseburger-loving guy who is also his lover, a not-well-kept secret within the Park. Randy never, ever wears a shirt, which means his large gut is familiar to everyone.
Lahey and Randy are the boys' nemeses, and constantly seek to undue their mayhem.

(clipped form a review at pop-cult.com)

Anyone Remember "Space Giants"? (also called "Space Avenger")

- it was the first "Power Rangers" type show, and also they were the first "Transformers",
Goldar, Gam & Silvar were robots who could also turn into jets. They were created by a 'wizard' Methusum and lived in 'mount Olympian'
their task was to fight an evil alien monkey-man named Rodak, who brought in standard godzilla-style monsters
+ robots and mind-controlled "Lugo Men" if you were a fan of this show during it's run in the 1970s / 1980s,
Visit youTube and search for "space giants" and you'll re-live some fascinating memories.
The Space giants - 1970s Japanese scifi
Goldar, the space avenger

Heaven and Hell: Together We Can Make It!
MR. SHOW with David Cross and Bob Odenkirk

BOB ROSS - A Truly Enlightened Being

and Painter of Little Fluffy Clouds

All Kidding Aside, Stephen Colbert Is A Real American Hero!!
Why? For keeping many Americans psychologically healthy, by contextualizing the
hellish last 8 years into something we can laugh about, while making the necessary changes!
Without the commentary and insight of Stewart & Colbert this would be a Dark Time indeed
American as HELL - Power to the PEOPLE

Anyone remember THE SLEESTAKS from LAND OF THE LOST?
- They were humanoid lizard people who had reverted to a primitive society,
but in the jungle there was a temple where colored crystals were used to operate
psychotronic machinery left by an advanced civilization from another time
ahhh .... the 1970s, lol.

below: The HOUR OF EVIL!!!!!
I remember HATING this time slot when i was a kid .... ugh
... Only Isaac the Bartender and Tattoo the Plane-spotting Midget kept me sane

Issaac the Bartender - Fantasy Island TV show

If you like it WEIRD ...
Search YouTube for "Turkish Star Trek"

Turkish Star trekTurkish Star trek

The Fantastic Sondra Prill
(google her name in quotes ... awesome songs and vids. Funny public access stuff from Tampa bay)

The GREAT Sondra Prill
The GREAT Sondra Prill

for a while ... and SEALAB 2021.
UNDER ATTACK - please stand by

AND - The 2nd BEST TV SHOW (not on much anymore)
color test pattern for television

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