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Abandoned S
tructures in Asia
Here are a few shots i found looking thru photos at this wonderful site with a huge archive, here you can browse through long-forgotten amusement parks, factories, malls even small towns and cities which were left uninhabited as economic and political patterns shifted. Awesome collection http://home.f01.itscom.net/spiral/research.html .... as a kid exploring stark abandoned structures was a favorite hobby.

Urban Exploration in Japan & asian nations
left: This abandoned table looks totally eerie .. like a post-nuclear scenario or evacuated city scene where the people never returned. But done better than any hollywood production crew ... what force other than nature could destroy a piano in such a subtly graceful manner?

Empty fair-ride with vines growing through


Urban Exploration in Japan & asian nations
left: PINK chairs in an abandoned hotel - the green lush vines growing thru the shattered windows give it a 'home-like' ambience. below that is the roller coaster now sitting in a overgrown field.

empty ferris-wheel being reclaimed slowly
by entropy and organic breakdown

red lobster maxi pads

When this came out in the 1960's i don't believe that "adult babies" was actually a recognized fetish Baby Lulu is a christian artist who likes to talk in a baby voice & pretend she is an infant - maybe it's rationalized as relating to the "children shall inherit the kingdom" stuff ...(?)

Nice Juxtaposition:
This photo is real - item found in a hotel in mexico

This product causes an amazing cognitive/brand identity confusion!!! WOW!

...... from the highly accurate http://www.mnftiu.cc/ - home of 'Get Your War On!'

Just Joking!!! More slack on the following pages .....
Random Archive II -
- - - - - - - - - 10°

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