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Fun & Informative Stuff to Read - A Random Assortment discovered here & there -
Stories and information online appear and disappear all the time - here is an archive

of interesting information I decided to preserve. Print some out and read in your spare time. 


Organic Molecules Produced in SPACE
12 NEW stars discovered in Our local 33 light-year area
Solar energy, Geomagnetic storms & human health

Research: Some people are sensitive to Order in Chaos

Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE)
Biological Basis For Creativity Linked To Mental Illness

Ephemeralization, more with less
Scope of the Phenomenon of Synchronicity
• LIFE: a Finite or Infinite Game?
Are we approaching a SINGULARITY?
ESP and LST(local sidereal time)

1500 Scientists Warning to Humanity
Melting Glaciers Speeding up
New Concerns about Rapid Climate Change
Whole Systems Definitions

• John Coltrane, A LOVE SUPREME
The Man who Looked in Coltrane's Horn
•  Hazrat Khan´s teaching, music & spirituality

ENTHEOGENS (in the psychedelics section)
• Gov't Study: Pleasure and Intelligence Drugs will explode into Society
• DNA structure discovered by Crick while on LSD
• Interview with Terrence McKenna
I took LSD with Groucho Marx
Ayahuasca Shamanism and UFO folklore
Smoked DMT Experience Report
Guru, Neem Karoli Baba's demonstration
Henrey Havelock Ellis - 1800's peyote trip
Mushrooms and hyper-perception

1800's UFO crash Newspaper Report
List of Pre-1950's UFO Sightings (some are known to be dubious)

Rev. Ivan Stang Asks: Where does the 'missing time' go?

Well Documented Foo Fighters of WWII  
How to avoid or reduce BPA in your food
H5N1 Bird-Flu Safety Tips / Avian Influenza Pandemic
USA now world leader in many STD infections
Food Additives and Hyperactivity

Premature sexual maturation in human children from hormones in food

Antibiotic Drug Use in Animals and Development
of Drug Resistant Bacteria in Humans

Redundantly Confirmed in Medical Trials: Safe to Drive on Pot
Essential oils may fight antibiotic resistant SuperBugs (MRSA)
Chamomile Tea & Health

ASPERTAME probable cancer link - July 2005

Lightning Hit / Physical Effects
"Cookie Cutter" holes, an enigma

Cattle Mutilations: A Tenative Solution
VALIS: PKD, Selections from the Exegesis


The ULTIMATE Band-name List
The Number 23
World War 3 NOW - Silent Weapons Technology & Mindwar

INSANE RANT by President Richard Nixon
on tape discussing racism, pot and gays

ENRON's Criminal tapes
G.W.Bush admits lying about Drug Abuse on tape
PNAC and the IRAQ War

Jimmy Carter Speaks About the Bush Administration
British Forces admit Torture Approval

COINTELPRO: Full Congressional report on FBI's war against constitutionally guranteed Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, Protest, Privacy and Political activism


Grand Lodge of Rosicrucian
Secret Society & Mystical Fraternity

Issues 4th Official Public Statement in 370 years:

Positio Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis
(in Adobe PDF format)


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