Previous Acct was deleted by complaints from Reverend Dr. Gene Scott's widow!

April 09: Updated Resume and Work History

February 09:
Guru Tisziji Munoz - the REAL guitar hero!

January 09: New Orleans, Post Katrina Photos

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"The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary world-view which will sustain
human existence into a continuous future."
- Paul Laffoley

Random image gallery 3, page 6 -
**With 2 full episodes of
Mystery Science Theater 3000!

Ah .. got the 2007 News and Links pages Online
Mega Update Part I - Part II - Part III
Late-Life documentary: "Maybe Logic"

Question Your Own Beliefs! 81 Minutes.
Future Art & Engineering

Paul Laffoley Intro
Laffoley ZOOMABLE Gallery 1
Laffoley Gallery 2
Laffoley Gallery 3
Laffoley Gallery 4
Detail view of "Black / White hole"
Stanislav Szukalski Intro
Szukalski Paintings
Szukalski Sculpture
Grant Wallace - NEW! 01/08

Design Science Solutions:
Bucky Fuller, Synergy & Domes

N55 Manuals: Do-It-Yourself
Practical Futurism

Definition of Design Science
Successful Global Future Planning
Emergency Shelter: Triangle=Structure
Fuller timeline and biography

Buckminster Fuller on Man's Evolution
Human Evolution
& Transhumanism

Ideas & Definitions
Types of Transhumanist Thought
Ethics and Post-Humans
Merging with Technology
• Possible Future Timelines

Related -

Gov't Study: Intelligence Drugs will
Boom into society out of necessity
Visual Math: Fractals and More ..

Gallery of Math-Art Types
MandelbrotPHINatural Fracts
Minimal Surfaces
Wada BasinsOthers
Mandelbrot Set Snowflake Series
Fractal Image Gallery

Human Brain Food
Visual Novelty & Random Pix
Random Images and Commentary I
- - - -
- - - - 10°
11° - 12° - 13° - 14° - 15°

Random Pics Archive 2
- - - -
- - - - 10°

Unpredictable New Images Set 3
MST3K & retro TV pics page
Music, Heart & SPIRIT
Vibrational Basis of Reality
Evolution of jazz as Spiritual Music
Music is universal Language; Quotes
Masters of Spiritual Jazz
Related -
Musicians Quotes on Coltrane
Coltrane As Metaphysical Initiate
John Coltrane and LSD
Music IS: a poem by Wiliam Parker
Information Culture & WebStuff
•Using the Web Effectively
•How to use Search Engines
•Time-Saving online Tools
Maps, Weather, Data, etc
Related -

•Noosphere; the global mind
•Internet Radio Links
Space Maps: Galactic Neighborhood
SOL - Our Supporting Star
Orientation - where the sun is
Massive black hole at MilkyWay core
Chimneys in Galactic plane
Gravity Dance of Galactic neighbors
Virgo Supercluster: You Are HERE!
Views of the Largest Scale Patterns
•Space Weather Links & Recent Space Probes
•Panspermia Theory Nearly Mainstream 
Strange Records:
Saved from Entropy

Record Collection (10 pages)
Page 1 .Page 2 . Page 3 . Page 4
Page 5 . Page 6 . Page 7 . Page 8
Page 9 (MP3s) . Page 10 . Page 11

•LP cover Faves from the Web
•Links to Internet Radio
Human Health in 21st Century Life
Avoid Bisphenol A - tips for BPA-free food
Bird-Flu Safety Tips
H5N1 Bird-Flu Map
•Transgenic GMO Crop Dangers
Essential Oils fight Superbugs
•H5N1 Bird-Flu Pandemic; UN warns
-Rennovation Underway-
Culture, Society and Trends
•BAD Advertisements - the Worst Lies
•Lifestyles are Diversifying
•World-views overview
Safe Drug Choices & uses
Real Freedom or False Security?
Related -

Links to accurate health information
Jodorowsky's "THE HOLY MOUNTAIN" - a selection of intense images from the film

BONNAROO, Manchester TN
Trip: Bonaroo 2008 - Pics, Notes

Trip: Bonaroo 2007 - Pics, Notes
Trip: Bonaroo 2005 - Map, Bob Dobbs Ticket

Trip: Bonaroo 2004 - Pics, Notes

•Audio Archives

Favorite New Music discoveries of 2006:
Yan Tomita & the Doopees

Appropriate Background Music
For This Site
2.5 meg MP3

•Amazing Sax Solos
•Amazing Guitar Solos
Entheogen Homepage
LSD and Enhanced Problem Solving
US Supreme Court 2006: Ayahuasca (DMT) is OK
Why and Why NOT to Trip
TRUE and FALSE Hallucinations
NEW Medical LSD Research
DNA Helix discovered on LSD by Crick
LSD and Music in psychiatric research
Study: Society integrates Pleasure/
Intelligence Drugs in next 2 decades!

Absurdly Random Highlights:
Videos from my YouTube Channel

Plate-spinning chipmunk disco, Rev. Gene Scott, that Ghost-World song, Clown Ministry, Bollywood fun & more

Reader Feedback

What People (and Robots)
are Saying about

Enigmas and The Unexplained
•Recent Cryptozoology Revival
•Some Gov'ts Come Clean on UFOs: (UK)
(french) (mexican) (Brazilian) (Russian)
•Weather Anomalies, Oceanic Anomalies,
Fortean Reports, etc.
Related -

•What a Weird Universe!
Metaphysical Plagiarism
•Oahspe & DeLaurence
•H.P. Blavatsky; Sources She Copied
•URANTIA Book, Human Sources
•Paul Twitchell & ECK Re-Mythology
•Oahspe Sources Discovered
•Book of Mormon - Historical Truth?
Related -

•Reprints of Rare Metaphysical books
Rare Metaphysical Books Online
The Essene Message
Voice of ISIS - Order of the 15
1920's Masonic Dictionary
Light on the PATH
New Rosicrucian Grand Positio
(1st new manifesto in 370 years: in PDF format)
•Scans from OAHSPE
•ETIDORHPA - very unusual and rare!
DisInformation Filter
Ongoing Mysteries and Solved Mysteries

Master List of New Mysteries & Solved Enigmas
•Rods: Tests confirm they are Bugs
•Orbs=Dust Particles near the Camera
Hoagland and Clementine Moon Domes
•MJ-12 Docs:Produced by a Superpower
•Radar Blips: Not proof of HAARP, etc.
•Data in the Noise: Discerningly Neutral
Open Mindedness is Possible
•Subgenius Art Masterpieces


•Tileable images
•Desktop Backgrounds
•Free Photographs
•Online Books
•Text Files
Cluster Headache: FAQ,
Research and New Possibilities

Cluster Headaches FAQ
Keep a Headache Time/intensity Chart
Mushroom/Cluster Study at Harvard website
Success story / mushroom treatment
•LSA is legal and gets good results
Creative Insanity

Self-Teaching and Learning
Earth Health in the 21st Century
•Climate Change Debate is OVER
•Ice Sheet Accelerates melting
•Magnetic Field Changes Now Certain
•1700 Scientists: Environmental Warning

2007 Archived Stories and Links
2007 News & Stories: , Part 1:
Cool sites - The YETI and City of Tomorrow
Cool Science - New Solar Mysteries
Diet Soft-Drinks = Toxic Chemical soup?
Domestic Spying - Dragonfly Drones Reported
Mathematicians finally map 248-dimensional structure, the E8
Link: 7 Reasons the 21st Century Is Making Us Miserable
Science: UV Light Device kills Bird-Flu in Air-Vent systems
Map of Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007
Very Smart Site: "six ways to increase Intelligence"
Fortean Related: The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society
The Dolichocephaloids: Missing Race Of Our Human Family
New Visionary Art Gallery: Grant Wallace
EM Health - Microchip Implants cause fast-growing tumors
and - BBC story, Cell-phones cause definite mutations in human DNA

Conspiracy Website: "The Project For Exposure of hidden Institutions"
E. Howard Hunt - Nixon henchman confesses to JFK Murder Involvement
Unsolved Anthrax Attacks - Government 'Insider' Speaks Out
Sarlo's Guru Rating Service - 100's of Cults and Groups Reviewed
MP3 Lectures by Sound Yogi Kirpal Singh - 1950s through 1970s
D.O.M.A. Plates, Rosicrucian Documents reprinted by Manly P. Hall 32degree
Agnes Marsland - Leader of the Order of the Initiates of Thibet
John Yarker & Crowley's false Fremasonic credentials
2007 News & Stories: , Part 2:
Astronomers have found an enormous hole in the Universe
Transgenic Glowing Pigs & Cats of Many Varieties: Green, Red, Yellow
Damanhur - Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning underground temples
Physics, Sacred Geometry, Geodesic Modeling Toys
Discovery: Brain's Visual Cortex Doesn't "Tell" All It Knows
The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract
Mary Ferrell Foundation JFK Assassination Records Archive
Smarty Plants: Inside the World's Only Plant-Intelligence Lab
Police could not find any fingerprints on Dr Kelly's 'suicide' knife
Research: Bone Structure 'Vastly Different' Than Previously Believed
MRSA Superbug More Prevalent Than First Thought - New Survey
Getting dirty may lift Depression: Bacteria found in the soil activates Serotonin
BBC Documentary: The Forgotten Attempted Fascist Coup in America in 1933
Top Military Lawyer: Complete Lack of Basic Case Review Procedures In Guantanamo Military Trials
2007 - 2008 News & Stories: Part 3:
The Universe in Images: Awesome cosmic diagrams
Some of the Bogus Memes in 2007 - Solar System mixup
1914 Masonic Encyclopedia Online (minus the page on "Illuminati" - oops!)
The Visual Art of Solving Complex Problems
Rap Related Mathematical Charts and Graphs
Micrographia 1667: Ultra-Antique Book, scan & drawings
Late-Night Infomercial Product Reviews! Mostly Crap!
Biblical Prophecy Infographics - Cool Apocalypse Charts
AntiWikipedia Entry for

IRON-MAN the Movie w/ Robert Downey Jr
Food Pairing Networks - Taste relationship diagrams
Liberia War - (Caution - Graphic/Disturbing War Scenes)
CIA owned Drug Plane Coverups - Major Suppressed Story!
After Naming Names, Still Little US Coverage of Sibel Edmonds
Conspiracy ADDICTS and the Boy Who Cried Wolf
Objections and Suggestions on Engineering Expanded Consciousness, Well-Being and Life Extension


Reading Library and Archived Stories
Organic Molecules Produced in SPACE
12 NEW stars discovered in Our local 33 light-year area
Solar energy, Geomagnetic storms & human health


Research: Some people are sensitive to Order in Chaos

Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE)
Biological Basis For Creativity Linked To Mental Illness

Ephemeralization, more with less
Scope of the Phenomenon of Synchronicity
• LIFE: a Finite or Infinite Game?
Are we approaching a SINGULARITY?
ESP and LST(local sidereal time)


The ULTIMATE Band-name List
The Number 23

World War 3 or 4 ... which is it now? - Silent Weapons Technology

1500 Scientists Warning to Humanity
Melting Glaciers Speeding up
New Concerns about Rapid Climate Change
Whole Systems Definitions


• John Coltrane, A LOVE SUPREME
The Man who Looked in Coltrane's Horn
Hazrat Khan´s teaching, music & spirituality


1800's UFO crash Newspaper Report

Rev. Ivan Stang Asks: Where does the 'missing time' go?
Well Documented Foo Fighters of WWII

Lightning Hit / Physical Effects

"Cookie Cutter" holes, an enigma

Cattle Mutilations: A Tentative Solution

USA now world leader in many STD infections
Food Additives and Hyperactivity

Premature sexual maturation in human children
caused by Hormones in food

ASPERTAME Cancer Epidemic Link Proven! - July 2005

Antibiotic Drug Use in Animals and Development
of Drug Resistant Bacteria in Humans

Redundantly Confirmed in Medical Trials: Safe to Drive on Pot
Essential oils may fight antibiotic resistant SuperBugs
Chamomile Tea & Health

INSANE RANT by President Richard Nixon
on tape discussing racism, pot and gays

ENRON's Criminal tapes
G.W.Bush admits lying about Drug Abuse on tape
PNAC and the IRAQ War

Jimmy Carter Speaks About the Bush Administration
British Forces admit Torture Approval
COINTELPRO: Full Congressional report on FBI's war against freedom of Peaceful assembly, Protest, Privacy and Political activism

Miqel: Art, Music, Prose and Creativity

UFO/Space Sketches age 4 to 10
Pattern Sketches age 17 to 29
NEW: Fractal Paintings & sketches 2006
Digital Photography 1999 thru 2006
1999 Trip to Peru & bolivia Sacred Temple Sites

Mandelbrot Set Snowflake Series
Fractal Image Gallery

Selected Flute and Sax Compositions
Videos from my YouTube Channel - highlights
direct link:
•Writings and Essays

Miqel: Professional Experience
and Work Examples

Bookshelf Listings
Personal Skills and Interests
•Hobbies & Collections
•Associations & Friends
•Religious Tract Collection
•Crystal & Mineral Collection
•1970's UFO Mag Scans
•Coleman Archive/Museum of Oddities

Hometown: Satellite Tour of Jackson, MS
•Trip: MardiGraz 2004

Mississippi Punk / Underground Scene, 1986 - 1993

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” - Bucky Fuller


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