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Only in the last hundred years have we been able to accurately image and map large portions of the universe. We are almost to the level of having a good picture of the 'shape' of the universe and the total-scale pattern of the distribution of matter and galaxies. It's good to have a sense of orientation in one's environment. We all have varyingly accurate mental-maps of our world, but most people don't have a clear idea of the larger patterns happening at scales larger than the solar-system. Today's data visualization technology makes it easy for anyone to see what our position is in the galaxy or even in the total universe.

Info about the Sun and Stars in General

The Sun's Position in the Milky-Way

Gas Clouds and Bubbles Near the Sun

The Center of the Milky-Way Galaxy

The Local Group of Galaxies

The Milky-Way's Position in the Virgo Supercluster

Views of the Total Observable Universe

New Ultra-Closeup of a Sunspot

Gas-Clouds Surrounding the
Black Hole at the Galaxy's Center

YOU ARE HERE: Homepage > Galactic Orientation
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