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Intro to Paul Laffoley and
Future Organic Technology

To call this man's artwork profound is a complete understatement. The Futuristic Art of Visionary Philosopher/Designer Laffoley is without parallel.

Immensely detailed mandalas of geometrical
systems, thought symmetries, machines of the future, bioengineered living structures, methods of creating time-machines and dimensional wormholes are just the beginning!

Zoomable Paintings Gallery
The World Soul
Zoomable - World Soul
It Came From Beneath Space
Zoomable - From Beneath Space
Zoomable - Temporality
The Black-White Hole
Zoomable - the Black Hole
Zoomable - the Mellonchron
The Orgone Motor
Zoomable - The Orgone Motor
The Levogyre
Zoomable - Levogyre
Living Klein-Bottle
Zoomable - klein-bottle
The Solitron
Zoomable - Solitron
I Robur (earth-moon link) Zoomable - I, Robur(earth-moon link)
Zoomable - Geochronmechane
The BAUHAROQUE - 2001 to 2099
Zoomable - the Bauharoque: Time of Light / Time of Dark
Zoomable - The AETHEIAPOLIS - Time-Travel City
The Nihilatron
Zoomable - Nihilatron
THANATON III Zoomable - Thanaton III
"The goal of our present endeavor is to produce a transdisciplinary
world-view which will sustain human existence into a continuous future."

- Paul Laffoley

Paul Laffoley: Clip from DISINFO TV

Paul Laffoley Multidimensional Visionary Art | MySpace Video

Laffoley's Odyssey- Preview #1

Paul Laffoley Multidimensional Visionary Art | MySpace Video

Paul is Founder and Director of the Boston Visionary Cell:

The Boston Visionary Cell
is an association of Neo-Platonic artists, primarily, and others from disciplines which act as supporters and consultants, for the purpose of fostering visionary art, considered as an eternal genre -- otherwise known as cosmic, cosmological, magical, or occult art -- in the Boston and New England area. As individuals, we all believe in a mystical explanation for the Universe, whose forces of nature are expressed as a Macrocosm and a Microcosm -- a Without and a Within of the Universe, Reason, and Necessity. Also, we believe, the visionary sensibility is on the rise again in the world and will appear quite functional and necessary. In this belief we recognize, of course, the influence of many individuals and groups, but our spiritual mentor is the late Teilhard De Chardin. The visionary sensibility has been interpreted as a revival of late nineteenth century symbolism or an entirely new phenomenon. We prefer to consider it as an essentially eternal artistic force which has time-oriented manifestations as deemed necessary by the destiny of history.
Paul Laffoley, President

Laffoley on TechnOccult TVNew TechnOccult Interview with Paul

Paul Laffoley talks with Technoccult TV east coast correspondent Nick Pell about his work, how history is finally catching up to him, his design for a 4 dimensional building for Nelson Mandela.


Chronological Gallery of Paul Laffoley's Earliest Paintings
True Liberation - 1967The Astrological Ouroboros - 1965
- partial listing of works, 1964 through 1970 -

Architectonic Thought Forms:
A Survey of the Art of Paul Laffoley, 1968-1997
(text from austin exhibit)
A Traveling Exhibition Organized by the Austin Museum of Art
Fall 1999 - December 2000

"Paul Laffoley was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1940. Categorized as slightly autistic as a child, he spoke his first word, "Constantinople", at the age of six months, then remained silent until the age of four when he began to draw and paint. A graduate of Brown University, he has maintained throughout his life the independent spirit of the self-taught artist. As a result of his spirit, while studying architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, he was dismissed because of his concepts. He later apprenticed with the visionary architect Frederick Kiesler in New York and became a registered architect in 1990.
Laffoley formed the Boston Visionary Cell, Inc., in 1971 as a means to identify like-minded visionary scientists, writers, and theoreticians. He has participated in over 200 exhibitions, both national and international, and has been the subject of numerous articles and essays. The exhibition will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue.

Architectonic Thought Forms: A Survey of the Art of Paul Laffoley, 1968 - 1997 is the first museum retrospective of the work of this Boston -based visionary painter. A theorist as much as an artist, Laffoley's work explores possible, but not yet provable phenomena. To create his complex works, the artist draws upon a staggering range of literature from the popular to the arcane - works in such disciplines as art history, history, physics, science fiction, classical literature, architecture, and such occult sciences as parapsychology and theosophy.

The exhibition will contain approximately 30 works including major paintings drawn from private collections,
several works on paper, and three-dimensional works grouped around three fundamental themes:

Metatron* The Time Machine. Of those inventions prophesied by H.G. Wells, the Time Machine is the only one
which has not yet become a reality. Laffoley, however believes there is a linkage between time machine
awareness and the presence of U.F.O.s, which may in fact be time machines from another dimension.
* Operating systems. Laffoley approaches truth not as an absolute, but as a series of interdependent choices.
Works like Temporality and Dimensionality suggest that our sense of reality is only true to the degree we are able
to perceive all that is possible.
* Lucid Dreams. These works, such as It Came From Beneath the Sea, are the artist's
depictions of extraordinary dreams he has had while he was aware of dreaming.

To picture his utopian world view, Paul Laffoley combines representational imagery with diagrams,
symbols, and texts. Painstakingly wrought, he produces only a handful of canvases each year.
With their dense fields of information, these paintings are to be read and pondered as much as beheld."

Orgone Motor
text from Kent Gallery NYC

More Info on Paul Laffoley's Ideas

"Laffoley approaches his work as the translation of pure knowledge into physical realization. His paintings act as doorways to possible realities - representation of what has yet to exist or occur. Each painting involves the viewer in a rapturous moment, where the forms of each canvas equal the imaginative power of its theoretical subject.

To create his complex works, the artist draws upon a staggering range of literature from the popular to the arcane - works in such disciplines as art history, history, physics, science fiction, classical literature, architecture, and such occult sciences as parapsychology and theosophy. Each painting is diligently researched, taking one to three years to complete. Laffoley’s approach is truly transdisciplinary, disregarding barriers between art and science, engineering and painting.

For Laffoley, "portaling" is characterized as the exchange between present knowledge with the possibilities of the future. In this sense, the portal is explored as a moment of insight. Each of the seven painting included in the exhibition articulates a portal indicating utopian possibilities, extrapolating upon the present to foresee what can only be imagined:

Topics Include:
Alice Pleasance Liddell the possibilities of childhood imagination
The Omega Point the future of evolution
The Visionary Point
the connection between that which has no history and that which has only history
Utopia: The Suspension between the Possible and the Impossible
the dynamics of a utopian community
Cosmolux the portal of cosmic space
Black White Hole cosmology and a new world view
The World Soul of Plotinus travel between two and three-dimensional forms

Laffoley was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1940. After being dismissed from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Laffoley apprenticed with the sculptor Mirko Baseldella, before working with the visionary architect Frederick Kiesler.

In 1971, he formed the Boston Visionary Cell, an institution dedicated to the practice of visionary art and philosophy. In 1990, he became a registered architect. He has participated in over two hundred exhibitions, both national and international.

The LaffoleyArchive site is down for rennovation until sometime in the fall of 2009.
It will return with a new domain address and expanded content.

Launched in 2007 with Paul's approval, the Laffoley Online Archive is a resource for deeper investigation into the futuristic designs,
philosophical concepts and historical references in Laffoley's art. It includes fully retyped text from close to a dozen paintings,
mp3 interviews, videos and a glossary of unusual terms used in the paintings.
In February 2009 I had some thyroid problems at the same time the domain & hosting came due. The resulting illness and
medical costs prevented me from renewing the domain and it was sold by the hosting company to a domain squatter.
I'm back in action now and preparing a new layout, better navigation and collecting fresh content for the re-launch.

I don't have any direct business relationship with Paul, but am acting as a volunteer advocate to introduce his art and ideas
to a wider audience of planetary citizens interested in applying the concepts he has developed in creating a better future for planet Earth.
If you are able & would like to assist in providing financial support for this ongoing project, please click the link below.

Support the Laffoley Online Archive!
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In October 2008 I was selected to introduce Paul's
Marathon 6 HOUR LECTURE(!) at the Esozone 2008 Event

Michael Coleman and Paul Laffoley at Esozone 2008

Breaking News:

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Paul Laffoley Poster Art

Natural goals of Spirit-MatterPUBLIC COLLECTIONS
Austin Museum of Art, Texas Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, D.C.
Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, Massachusetts.
Brockton Museum of Art, Brockton, Massachusetts.
Continental Can Corporation, New York.
First National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.
Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts.
Tufts New England Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts.

2001 Thanaton III produced for Channel 4. (original broadcast January 28, 2001).
interviewed by Richard Metzger

1999 Pseudo.com Online Network interview with Richard Metzger of The Disinformation Company

1998 The Mystery of Genius (two part series) produced for the Arts & Entertainment Channel
produced by Robert Fiveson. (broadcast in 1999). interviewed by John Metherell

Paul Laffoley on the Time Machine Strange Universe
(original broadcast September 10, 1997). interviewed by Alisyn Camerota


MySpace Profile for extensive information, images and updates -
The largest online community of Laffoley fans and students, 12,330 friends so far ...

Paul Laffoley.net Official Laffoley Blog maintained by Kent Gallery, NYC
- check here for the latest new on gallery showings and Lectures

Laffoley.com - Official Homepage for the upcoming documentary film "Laffoley's Odyssey"

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